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6 thoughts on “Bartolo Colon partying like it’s 2003

  1. We may have the highest average pitcher weight, but the big guys are doing a hell of a job (except Hughes).

    I'm wondering how our off-season acquisitions compare around the league in terms of WAR. I don't know if they are as good as I think or it just seems so because I wasn't expecting much from them to begin with.

    • Interesting question. I just did a quick calculation using b-ref WAR, comparing the Yankees to the Red Sox. The Yankees have a +1.6 to -0.9 WAR advantage.

      • Oh, good work. Hmm, yeah that's pretty good considering only one of those guys is a everyday player. I hope Chavez can keep up his good hitting, as he's probably the DH if Posada can't get over the Mendoza line. Though it would surprise me if Jorge doesn't get up to at least around .250.