Game 18-"It was beautiful"

That’s what Yankee manager Joe Girardi said last night about Brett Gardner’s HR after Russell Martin was hit by a Josh Rupe pitch. When you start giving up HRs to the Brett Gardner’s of the world, you might want to call your uncle with the plumbing business and tell him to leave a job open for you. There’s a good chance you’ll need it. Here’s what O’s manager Buck Showalter had to say about the incident from last night:

Buck Showalter: “We asked (Rupe) after the game. He said, ‘I know what it looked like. I was trying to go in.’ It did not look good. I didn’t like it at all. But I choose to believe my pitcher and I’ve known Josh for a long time. I think he’d be very straight with me. But I do understand what it looked like and it didn’t look good. Martin had a great night tonight. He’s had a good season for them, was a great pickup. He’s hard enough to get out without the way it looked. They responded the way good teams do. That’s why they’re as good a team as they are and are going to be. That’s a good example of it.”

Hopefully, this ends right here. The Yanks made their statement on the field with their resounding 15-3 win last night. The last thing we need is for Camden Yards to turn into a scene from one of the local McDonald’s restaurants. It might make some fans happy, but the Yanks have more to lose than the O’s do. The Yankee prize is in October, not April.

With that out of the way, here’s your game thread for this afternoon’s contest. Freddy Garcia goes for the Yanks with Jake Arrieta pitching for the Birds. The Yanks just saw Arrieta a week ago, which typically is bad news for the pitcher. But Garcia won’t be pitching in the cold, rainy conditions that favored him last week in Yankee stadium. Game time temp is a balmy 74 degrees going up to 83 this afternoon. Strap yourselves in folks, this could be a bumpy ride.

BTW-Happy Easter!

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  1. Totally agree. Id be very upset if the Yanks retaliated. No reason for it. Brett’s homer was more than enough.

  2. That gritty homerun was beautiful, showing Martin has some protection. Here’s hoping the Gritster has exorcised his batting demons. Nicely stroked lined and legged double earlier.

  3. Granderson has really found a hot bat! I’m glad Girardi finally decided to stick with him in the 2 hole against righties, he is just such a dynamic fastball hitter it just makes sense to put him in the best position to get fastballs early and often. If he keeps this kind of power up he could be at 30 easy, may not have have the best OBP but for some reason I don’t think people would mind a great defensive centerfielder, who hits 30 HRs, and has low on base skills. I’d love to see him get on more so he could steal, but he’s hitting lefties better this year and he is consistently making hard contact. It’s a great start.

  4. Oh shit

    benshpigel: RT @swbyankeesTT: There are three guys helping him off the field. Montero is really, really in serious pain. Jose Gil is coming in.

  5. Man you think Bobby V would check his Yankee hate just a little bit if he’s going to do television… “All good things must come to an end, is it nearing the end for Mariano Rivera, two blown saves in one week”. Talk about an all time overreaction, how many closers would be run out of baseball if blowing consecutive saves was a fire-able offense?

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