Open Thread-Montero sings soprano

Uber-prospect Jesus Montero had a rather unfortunate incident this afternoon. I’ll let Donnie Collins of the Scranton Wilkes-Barres Times fill you in on the details:

UPDATE, 3:50: Montero just took a foul ball off the cup. That is just an awful, awful feeling (take it from someone who caught growing up). People think the cup protects that area, but if you get hit there, forget it. There’s still a lot of pain. Montero is on his back now. Looks like he got shot.

UPDATE, 3:53:
That’s a scary scene involving Montero. He was helped to his feet, and his knees buckled. That’s as much pain as I’ve ever seen any player in on the baseball field.

Not the type of gift you’d hope to receive on Easter. Donnie went on to say that he was still in some serious pain both in the stomach and groin area after the game, and manager Dave Miley said they’ll have to wait and see how he’s doing tomorrow before getting him back in a game.

In other Yankee news, Rafael Soriano has a stiff back, which explains why he wasn’t available today and Mo was called upon for a 4 out save in April. On that count, Girardi said it’s something he tries to stay away from, but since he hadn’t pitched since Tuesday he felt it wasn’t too much to ask. All the rain outs and off days  are why Russell Martin played a day game after a night game, which you won’t see very much of going forward. After today’s performance, Freddy Garcia is in the rotation until further notice.

Now that you’re up to date on today’s Yankee news, use this baby for your open thread to discuss whatever you like. Talk about the Knicks Rangers today’s Yankee win, or whatever else you like.

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  2. Isn’t Easter Sunday all about Jesus rising again? He was just re-enacting religious history.

  3. I think John Sterling said it best on the radio today when he said “wouldn’t it be great if we all had crystal balls?” Jesus would probably agree.

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