Sunday Notes and Commentary

-Unlike many Yankee fans, players and columnists, there was no feigned outrage in my house over Josh Rupe throwing up and in at Russell Martin last night. I had no big issue with the move, just the execution of it. If you want to brush a guy back, you have to keep it away from his head. But I understand what Buck was trying to do. The O’s have become accustomed to getting clobbered by the Yanks year after year, so Buck is trying to get his guys to show some pride out there. Is it the best way to handle it? No, winning solves all. But he’s trying to get a bad team to stop accepting losing. Once upon a time, Buck did the same thing with a Yankee team that was in the dumps in the early 1990s, and I don’t remember much hand wringing from the Yankee faithful or clubhouse back then. Actually, fans loved him for it.

-Stat of the day. For Reds pitcher Edinson Vozquez, 35.3% of his fly balls have left the ballpark.

-Still early, but Run scoring is down again across baseball this year. 4.31 runs per game is even lower than last year, which was down from the prior season. Unless of course you’re the Yankees, who are averaging 6.05 runs per game, and with 103 runs scored are 2nd in the AL behind Texas (104).

-Just in case you missed it, here’s that Brad Bergensen play again from last night.

-Just for fun, I wanted to look at the pitcher(s) with the highest ground ball rate in the majors and compare it to Derek Jeter’s, which is by far the highest in the game for any hitter. Here it is, courtesy of Fangraphs:

Derek Jeter Yankees .234 5.75 14.3 % 73.0 %
Charlie Morton Pirates .247 3.35 12.9 % 67.1 %
Tim Lincecum Giants .272 3.47 15.2 % 65.8 %
Brett Anderson Athletics .313 3.71 17.5 % 65.0 %

-THT’s Max Marchi with a very interesting piece on hitter’s tendencies. Turns out Mark Teixeira is one of the most consistent hitters in baseball at hitting balls where they are pitched (HWP). But that cuts both ways. It also goes a long way to explaining why managers typically employ the shift against him. If you pitch him inside, you can predictably induce him to pull the ball and adjust your defense accordingly. There’s no secrets to a hitter like Tex, he makes his living hitting mistakes.

-The hottest hitting catching prospect in the Yankee farm system isn’t named Montero. Austin Romine is 8 for his last 17 with 3 HRs and 10 RBIs in his last 4 games.

-Joel Sherman with a thoroughly unpersuasive argument for a 3 game Wild Card  series. It includes beginning the season in March, 30 man rosters and doubleheaders every Sunday in July. All for the purpose of giving the Wild Card teams an extra 2 games. In his attempt to “be fair” to the Wild Card teams, never once does he address the unfairness of having the division winner sit and rust for 5 days while we sort out the wild card situation. If anything, Joel’s argument illustrates just how difficult it is to expand the playoffs and not be playing games in November, which nobody wants. Here’s the main piece of info fans need to know about expanded playoffs. The TV companies have no desire for another round of playoffs, but would love a play-in game. That meshes perfectly with Bud Selig’s position of expanding the playoffs and not playing games in November.

-The Gustavo Molina era is rapidly coming to an end.

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  1. So its ok to throw at people as long as you are sending a message that you don’t like losing? I don’t get that at all. If it was provoked in some manner, I sort of get policing the game. But as a message to your own team? How is that just?

  2. Once upon a time, Buck did the same thing with a Yankee team that was in the dumps in the early 1990s, and I don’t remember much hand wringing from the Yankee faithful or clubhouse back then. Actually, fans loved him for it.

    I think the media environment and outlets for people to express their opinions are much different today than when Buck was managing the Yankees.

    Also, I think the whole point is that the pitch ended up near Martin’s head and behind him.

    Yankee fans have had to live with all the hate when a Yankee player does something along the same lines; e.g. Joba pitching near Yuk’s head; Arod yelling yelling HA! when rounding the bases on a pop fly. You may not remember many Yankee fans making a big deal of it when we were on the giving side of it, but baseball in general as a whole did (ESPN, yankee haters, etc), so I see nothing wrong when Yankee fans or the Yankees get upset when it happens to them.

  3. I don’t understand why they can’t just eliminate some of the travel days from the 7 game series. Teams don’t get travel days in the regular season so why have them in the post season. I’m not saying they should play a 7 game series in back to back days but normally that would get stretched out to 10 days. Eliminate one or two travel days and you have plenty to spare for whatever the wild card series will be.