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11 thoughts on “Girardi needs to trust his starters.

  1. You should mention the fact that Girardi addressed the issue in the post game conference. Not sure why you didn't. Girardi said Garcia is going to be on regular rest for the next 2 times through the order because of no days off. He didn't want to wear out Freddy. I agree that Girardi should be letting Sabathia let if fly more, but the inning shortage has more to do with the ineffectiveness of Nova and Hughes as well as Burnett throwing tons of pitches early. If Garcia and Colon continue to pitch the way they are, then they will be pitching deep into games. Of course, how long can the two of them continue to be effective will be the focus.

    • A) Because I didn't see it.

      B) Because it doesn't really have an effect one way or another, unless Garcia said he was tired, which I said in the post. If Girardi just assumes Garcia can't handle more than 90 pitches and 6 relatively easy innings, that just furthers the main point.

  2. What Ben said. Garcia is far from being stretched out – this was his second start – if we're going to watch out for the health of relievers, wouldn't it be a good idea to also take care of old, often injured starters?

    I'm pretty darned sure that by mid-season, JG will have kept in a starter "too long," prompting multiple posts asking why JG stayed with an "obviously" failing starter, when the bullpen was available.

    So far, we're winning. In spite of the management, if you will – but still winning. If it keeps up, I'll tip a hat to JG. If it all falls apart by July because the starters are worn out – then what?

    The only reason you're even posting this is because Joba turned into Joba, DR looked like vintage DR, and Mo looked old. If that keeps up, you WILL get your wish – starters will get pushed until they get injured, and then we (the Yankees) will have far more problems. Of course, you'll also have more to write about, so it won't be all bad. :D

  3. "In spite of the management, if you will – but still winning."

    Hard to say that… Perhaps if Girardi leaves the starters in they promptly get whacked around before a reliever can be summoned and the Yankees are not winning.

    • Sorry if that got misconstrued – that was more of a bone to Brien, and everyone else who has joined the Girardi bashing party. For the players, everything is SSS – but any move JG makes is wrong. Even though the team is WINNING.

      I agree – other than having the "strongest part of the roster" blowing up a few times, Joe has made the right moves at the right time.

  4. The commenters make some pretty good points, so this whole issue is definitely debatable, but I have to say I love the Russian Roulette analogy.

  5. For better or for worse, Girardi probably wants to be conservative with his starters since we are now relying on Colon and Garcia to fill out 2/5 of our rotation. What does he do if/when those guys go on the DL?

    I will agree that I don't like the "7th inning guy" and "8th inning guy" mentality that Girardi has exhibit and has been discussed here previously.

  6. i think this was spot on (and posted a similar comment in the game summary). At a minimum you at least let him go out to start the 7th and take him out if a man gets on (or two men if you have patience). Even If he gets just 1 or 2 outs you can then have either Joba or Robertson attempt to get 4 or 5 outs and have the other either well rested for tomorrow or available should the game go extras (or available to come in for the other guy in a jam so you don't go to the Mo 4 out save, which makes him unavailable for tomorrow, possibly even the next day)

    If Soriano can't go tonight and you probably have Mo and Logan also unavailable and Robertson and Joba with limited availability so, you have Robertson and Joba for an inning each max… and that's basically it – here's hoping Burnett goes 7 or it's a blowout in either direction so Pendleton will be allowed to pitch.

    If he is now worried about Garcia on NORMAL rest; this would mean the next 10 days are going to brutal as you would think Nova (who has yet to break 90 pitches) and Colon (who was held out of the rotation because Garcia was thought to be more durable) will similarly be on very strict pitch counts and be lucky to go 6 as the Yankees have 15 (or 14?) straight games so everyone's next 2 turns will have the following start "only" be on normal, 4 days rest.

    The 6 innings is good enough mentality for any starter not named Sabathia mentality has got to change. That might be OK in the playoffs but not during a 162 game season. It also might mean Sabathia or Burnett get overworked as he tries to have them compensate for the other guys lack of innings.

  7. Yes, Girardi needs to trust his starters more, but not because of what happened yesterday (although i agree it was dumb not to have garcia start the 7th). He should be able to hamnd the ball to Joba in the 7th without having to worry about giving up 2 runs. What girardi is doing however that is bad is getting in a trend of overusing his Bullpen arms. What happens in September when the yankees have 3 relievers with close to 100 innings each? Mariano will be fine, but not at this pace (11 outings in 18 games)