Game 21: White Sox 1, Yankees 3

Colon got into some trouble in the second.  Adam Dunn grounded a single past a diving Teixeira and Cano.  Alex Rios worked a walk and A.J. Pierzynski hit a grounder up the middle for a single, loading the bases with no outs.  Colon stayed cool, however, striking out Gordon Beckham before getting Omar Vizquel and Pierre to fly out, ending the inning with the Yankees’ lead still 3-0.

Colon and Buehrle controlled much of the game, as they quickly worked through the lineups.  Colon found himself in trouble in the sixth, however.  Quentin grounded a single up the middle and Konerko followed with a soft fly ball that dropped in front of Swisher for a single.  Dunn drove another grounder up the middle, scoring Quentin and getting the White Sox on the board.  Colon battled back and sat down the next two batters as the Yankees held onto the lead. Mariano Rivera, who had blown his last two save attempts, relieved Colon in the ninth.  He worked a perfect inning and the Yankees took the 3-1 win.

Bronx Cheers:
Jorge Posada:
Posada went 0-3 and struck out once.  He also stranded two base runners.  He is now hitting .138 over his 65 at bats this season.  He is marginally better at home, where he is hitting .184 with all six of his homers and eleven of his RBIs.

Nick Swisher: Swisher’s slump continues, as he also went 0-3, with a walk and a strike out.  He left two runners on base.

Curtain Calls:
Bartolo Colon: Colon continues to impress after moving into the rotation.  He routinely hit the mid-90s on his fastball, even clocking in at 96mph a few times.  Even better, Colon went eight innings and gave up just one run on seven hits.  He struck out six and only walked one.

Robinson Cano: Cano went 1-4 with a three-run homer in the first inning, which was the difference in the game.  While Cano is swinging well, he had a couple plays where he seemed to have trouble getting his glove on the ball.

Andruw Jones:  Getting a start in left field, Jones was the only New York player to pick up more than one hit.  He went 2-3 with one strike out.

Mariano Rivera:  Not that I think any of us were really worried when Mo struggled during his last couple outings, but it is always nice to see him dealing like he was tonight.  He pitched a perfect ninth inning, picking up a strikeout and his eighth save of the season.

In The On Deck Circle:
New York will try to split the series with a win on Thursday, when CC Sabathia will try to continue the Yankees’ streak of strong performances by their starting pitchers.  Sabathia has done well against the White Sox over his career, taking a 16-4 record and 3.82 ERA into Thursday’s game.  On the other hand, Paul Konerko and Mark Teahen have both seen some success against the Yankees’ big southpaw in recent years.  Edwin Jackson will take the ball for Chicago, which could be good news for Derek Jeter, who owns a .355 average against the White Sox pitcher.  Alex Rodriguez has also done well against Jackson, hitting .409 against him and knocking three homers.  First pitch is at 7:05pm in the Bronx.

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5 thoughts on “Game 21: White Sox 1, Yankees 3

  1. Freddy Garcia and Bartolo Colon are shocking me right now. I was seriously skeptical when I saw spots 2-5 in our rotation were going to be Burnett, Nova, Bartolo, and Garcia. Burnett is doing better as well, and Nova's start yesterday was fantastic. When I see all these guys having success, I feel Larry Rothschild must be doing something right.

    Now if Rafael Soriano can get some focus.

  2. I have to say it… that 2 seam fastball was shades of Greg Maddux the way Colon was starting that inside on lefties who just gave up on it and then watched it drift over the inside corner. What is amazing is he was getting that movement and still throwing it 91-93mph. For a lefty hitter, who also has to worry about that being a 4 seam fastball which will just stay inside, that can't be fun to deal with.

    I only hope Colon and Garcia can impart some of their knowledge to Nova and even Burnett… you could see Colon dialing it up on his 4 seamer in certain situations (like when the bases were loaded) instead of just going max effort on every pitch. And watching Garcia blow a 89 mph high fastball by a few batters will hopefully remind Nova and Burnett that they can't just throw everything down and occasionally need to change a batter's eye level to set up their good curveballs.

    At some point does Chavez start stealing a few DH AB's from Posada? (maybe a game a week against righties?)