Game Thread: Bartolo Colon Takes On The White Sox

There’s something I love about watching Bartolo Colon pitch. He seeks to right the ship against Mark Buerhle after a disappointing start to the White Sox series. The lineups:

Derek Jeter SS
Nick Swisher RF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Robinson Cano 2B
Andruw Jones LF
Jorge Posada DH
Russell Martin C
Curtis Granderson CF

Juan Pierre LF
Alexei Ramirez SS
Carlos Quentin RF
Paul Konerko 1B
Adam Dunn DH
Alex Rios CF
A.J. Pierzynski C
Gordon Beckham 2B
Omar Vizquel 3b

Use this as your game thread for tonight. And cross your fingers that the bats finally come alive.

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14 thoughts on “Game Thread: Bartolo Colon Takes On The White Sox

  1. @EJ Of course there’s something you love about watching Colon pitch: He throws hard and throws strikes. Newsflash: End of 1st and Yankees have surpassed their run production for the last 18 innings!

  2. No other option… Gardner is still struggling badly despite two wall scrapers, Granderson has his power compromised leadingoff, and Swisher is struggling badly as well.

    If Gardner or maybe even Swish had OBP’s in the .365-.370 range they probably would drop him, but as is all the other options are bad. Granderson is probably the best option at this moment but as I said his power is compromised leading off, and his OBP isn’t high enough to compromise the power.

  3. Mo coming in for the 9th. No more 8th innings for him hopefully. Maybe Joe G has finally learned his lesson about playing bullpen bingo after yanking Garcia too quick the other day. We can only hope.

    • Why would they let Colon come out to finish it with 97 pitches? Even Sabathia would probably be pulled for Mariano here, he’s the best ever!

      I also don’t understand how you blame that loss on Joe pulling Garcia after 7, Mariano blew the save. Joe followed the formula of Joba 7th, Sori 8th and Mo 9th, Sori simply couldn’t handle it and Mo had to come in during the 8th. Its easy to manage in hindsight, during the game it was the right call.

      • It’s a great formula for a shaky starter who’s lucky to make it through six which is when he pulled him — but it’s no formula for anything when a pitcher is having an A-game. It’s stupid to think you could do that every night… our relievers would have more innings than our starters. Garcia was cruising. It was a f–up by Joe and his magic clipboard that wound up burning up veryone in our pen. If it ain’t broke, ya know?

        • Garcia had thrown that many pitches once since last August. I had no issue with not pushing him. A guy his age should be built up slowly and handled with some care.

        • Garcia is a pitcher who is the definition of Shaky, and the likelihood going forward is he will be a guy lucky to go 6 innings at a time.

          No one ever said use Joba-Sori-Mo every single game, I simply said we have the best bridge in baseball for that exact scenario. Freddy Garcia isn’t Sabathia, he isn’t use to throwing 110 pitches a night, he isn’t our ace, and he does have a history of shoulder injury.

          Furthermore Garcia had thrown 90 pitches through 6 innings, 57 of which were for strikes, meaning a whopping 40 were balls. That isn’t the best ratio in the world, and for a guy who tops out in the high 80’s it doesn’t scream throw him out for one more inning. He likely would have tired even more in that inning and allowed a base runner, at which point no matter how many outs he had in the inning Joba would have had to come in.

          The funny thing is none of this matters because even if Garcia throws 7 innings Soriano is still coming in for the 8th, which is where the problems came in to begin with. Mariano still would have had to bail him out, and he still would have need to nail down a 4 out save which he didn’t do. None of this can be fixed by pitching Garcia an extra inning, unless you then want to say by doing it you would have pitched Joba in the 8th, which is ludicrous. Soriano is the setup man, if you are going to pitch Joba in the 8th over a non injured, ready to go Sori then he should have never been signed. Even if you believe he should have never been signed he is on the team, and because he is on the team he needs to be treated as the setup man.

          Seriously all the hind sight managers need to take a break… I have read enough ridiculous criticism of Girardi and this team in the last week to make me watch the games with the computer off! If Girardi had left in Garcia and the first batter he faced gave up a HR people would be talking about how he left in Garcia too long and is an idiot. He can’t make a decision without someone thinking they couldve done it better, if only Joe had gotten to watch the games at home and then make all the decisions after the fact, we’d go 162-0.

    • Bringing in Joba in the 7th, and Soriano in the 8th is bullpen bingo? Sounds more like why we signed Soriano to me.

      You act like Mo has never had multi inning saves, he did it in the playoffs last year, and in 09. He has plenty of experience doing it, and honestly on the 24th Mo simply didn’t have control if he did he wouldn’t have thrown over 30 pitches and he wouldn’t have blown the save. The problem was getting 4 outs, it was that he was going to have problems even getting 3 with that kind of control.

      • Most of Mo’s blown saves in recent years have either been in multi-inning appearances or games immediately following one. Check it out. If you’re saying you think all our starting pitchers should only go six then I guess we have nothing to talk about. That’s just nuts….mindless clipboard managing by the numbers. This isn’t a fantasy league. …And by the way, you’re wrong; he yanked Garcia after only six innings, not seven. It was stupid then and would’ve made as much sense if he did it again to Colon tonight, which is no sense at all.

        • Great win tonight. And Jeter looked much more comfortable at the plate, I thought. Maybe Swish can get started tomorrow, and we can split the series and go into the next set on a roll!

        • Actually Garcia and Colon are completely different scenarios since Garcia had already thrown 90 pitches after 6 innings, and Colon didn’t even reach his 97 pitch until the double play to end the 8th. Having Garcia go out for the 7th 10 pitches away from 100 is not a smart plan, saving his bullets, giving him a good start to look at and bringing in the best bridge in baseball makes complete sense in that scenario. At most Garcia would have gotten 2 batters more, since there is no way Girardi would have let him go more 100 or so pitches at most, even more likely is that he would have put on a base runner before even getting the 1-2 outs he would have been allowed to go after.

          I clearly miss-typed 7th for 6th, you would know that by the way the rest of the sentence read, unless you didn’t keep reading and just assumed what the rest said.

          “I also don’t understand how you blame that loss on Joe pulling Garcia after 7, Mariano blew the save. Joe followed the formula of Joba 7th, Sori 8th and Mo 9th, Sori simply couldn’t handle it”

          I clearly stated I was in favor of Joe bringing in Joba to pitch the 7th, how could I be in favor of that if I thought Garcia went 7?

          No of course not all starting pitchers should simply go 6 innings, you clearly know that I don’t believe that, and the implication I might believe that is ludicrous. However Freddy Garcia is not CC Sabathia, and after 90 pitches (of which he only threw 57 strikes) he needs to be watched thoroughly. Freddy isn’t a 110+ pitch pitcher anymore, because of this he likely would have never finished the 7th, and in fact had he given up one base runner he would have doomed himself to being taken out. If the likelihood is then that Joba will have to pitch in the 7th anyway, even for just 1 or 2 outs then he should simply start the inning clean, and not risk Garcia tiring and starting a problem.

  4. C’mon, Moshe, he’s just two years older than Roy Halladay and Roy Oswalt and three years younger than Andy Pettitte, he started 28 games and pitched 157 innings last year and he’s in great shape. Please don’t refer to him like he’s a fragile overweight reclamation project like Colon. That’s why Girardi chose him for the rotation over Colon to start the season. He’s already stretched…perhaps more so than anyone on our staff right now. Just sayin’.