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4 thoughts on “Getting over the tough losses is hard.

  1. Those were two of the sickest catches I've seen in a long, long time. The fact that they a) came back-to-back, b) to end the game, c) to save the game and d) to prevent our team from winning made it suck more. That's not to take anything away from ARod or Cano — the ChiSox got hella-lucky — or Lillibridge — he made two spectacular, Web Gem-esque catches — just that it sucked a lot. :)

  2. Nah – what sucked most was that Comcast took the game away from me after the 8th inning so they could show the hockey (!) game. Total bummer – already blacked out on MLB, and then Comcast takes it away, so all I can do is watch highlights after the game.

    Which, in this case, was a good thing – was bad enough watching RS flush the win – prly a good thing I missed the catches.

  3. I had no problem with those losses. Sometimes they aren't going to score runs. I like to think the biggest story out of the last few games was the quality starting pitching.

  4. This game epitomizes why baseball is not only a great game but so different from other pro sports. I know it's a cliche, but cliche's DO have a kernel of truth to them: every game you see something you've never seen before. When have you ever seen a late inning replacement make 2 incredible defensive plays for the 26th and 27th outs to save the game for his team?

    While I agree with David that it sucked the Yankees lost, I was still thrilled as a fan to witness the incredible way that game ended.