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5 thoughts on “Hughes may have TOS

  1. well, shoot. I hope he goes to Mayo eventually – dude needs to go to someone competent, not just "company" doctors. After all, it is HIS arm, his career. His life.

  2. I wonder what Mauer will ultimately be diagnosed with. Right now the Twins are going with the theory that he's been out for 2 weeks with no timetable for a return to baseball activities because he is just really sore from exercising too much too suddenly. Yeah, that sounds reasonable.

    • Don't forget, Mauer had knee surgery. While his knee now appears to be fine, it's likely that he lost some overall conditioning while his knee was recovering, and that he simply needs more time to be fully game-ready. Also he had some kind of virus.

      Hey, I don't know. It sounds a bit odd to me, too. I just hope he's OK.

  3. re Mauer; hope he gets better – living just south of him, he's as close to a homegrown star as we have to root for. That said, I'm also glad (right now at least) that he's tied up with the Twins forever, instead of under a 10 year contract with the Yankees.