How Much Do You Really Want Felix?

The above table shows a projection of his value over the next 4 seasons. Hernandez has been worth about 6.5 wins each of the past two seasons, and there’s no reason he can’t match that and even eclipse it as he continues to mentally and physically mature. For the win values, I started with $5 million per win for 2011 and added $0.25 million to the win value each season for inflation, which is probably a little low but I’m trying to be conservative. Over the next four seasons, I’ve projected Hernandez to bring in a surplus value of $81 million, which leads us to our next question—what is that worth in terms of talent sent back.

For now, let’s stick to prospects. According to Victor Wang’s research, we have a decent idea of what prospects are worth. Jesus Montero would start the asking price, and as a top 10 hitting prospect, he would be worth $36.5 million, leaving the Yankees with $44.5 million more to fill.…

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Martin the Masher

Russell Martin is off to one hell of a start. He’s slugging .600 and has a wOBA of .412. He’s knocked four balls into the people already, after hitting just five homers last year. He’s even chipped in two steals and has played solid defense behind the plate. This is awesome and...

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Why hasn't Nick Swisher joined the home run barrage yet?

(photo c/o Getty)

Conspicuously absent from the 2011 Yankees’ home run assault thus far has been Nick Swisher, who was tied for third on the team with 29 bombs last season. Granted, it’s only been 14 games, but...

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My Favorite Stat on Mo

Career Leaders & Records for Adjusted ERA+


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Brien Is Right, Murray Chass IS a Hack

Chass’ latest affont to Brien’s peace of mind appeared last week, where Chass relayed a story told to him by ex-baseball Commissioner Fay Vincent.  According to Vincent, several years ago Vincent had the chance to discuss life with ex-Red Sox GM Lou Gorman, and Gorman told Vincent the following story: (1) after the Red Sox 1986 season, the team offered to sign star pitcher Roger Clemens to a long-term contract at $1 million a year, (2) then-baseball Commissioner Peter Ueberroth (Vincent’s predecessor as Commissioner) told Gorman that the Red Sox were forbidden to pay Clemens more than $500,000 a year, (3) Gorman was forced to go back on his initial offer to Clemens, leaving Clemens and his agent “crazed”, and (4) Gorman felt that the Red Sox’s failure to go forward with their million dollar deal led to Clemens’ departure from the Red Sox in 1996.

According to Vincent-as-reported-by-Chass, Gorman made Vincent promise not to repeat this story until after Gorman was dead. …

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TYA Open Thread | Off Day | Monday April 18, 2011

The Yankees have the night off tonight before they head up North to take on the Blue Jays, who will no doubt confront the team with a bunch of homers and pitchers who can´t top 89mph on the radar gun. The off-day is important because it will give Alex Rodriguez and his achy back one...

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A Birds-Eye Look At 2011 Yankee Hitting So Far

We’ve heard a lot about “Too many home runs!” and other problems with the Yankee hitting so far this season. The Yankees have scored 77 runs in 14 games, which ranks us 5th in the AL, although it should be noted that we’ve got 1 game in hand over all the teams who have scored...

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No, really, Murray Chass is a hack

First of all, the entire post is based on hearsay. Fay Vincent isn’t telling Chass a story about something that happened to him, he’s giving a second hand account based on what someone else told him happened. That’s the first, and biggest, red flag. Add in that the original source is now deceased, and a reputable journalistic outlet likely wouldn’t have ever published this, especially considering that Vincent has a well known axe to grind with Bud Selig. This is Journalism 101.

Furthering the list of ways in which Chass violates basic journalistic standards, the two people he calls to verify the story don’t verify it. Gene Orza states flatly that it isn’t true, and Randy Hendricks only corroborates it if you choose to read his comments in a way that confiems what you already believe to be true. The fact that he didn’t mention this in a book that included the subject matter should take precedence over a non-specific recounting of events 16 years after the book and 24 years after the act allegedly happened.…

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Rank Player (age) Adjusted ERA+ Throws
1. Mariano Rivera (41) 206 R
2. Pedro Martinez 154 R
3. Jim Devlin 151 R
4. Lefty Grove+ 148 L
5. Walter Johnson+ 147 R
Dan Quisenberry 147 R
Hoyt Wilhelm+ 147 R
8. Ed Walsh+ 146 R
Smoky Joe Wood 146 R
10. Roger Clemens 143