Discussion: Cashman's Best Moves

During a discussion on Twitter about the relative merits of Nick Swisher and Andre Ethier, I received the following tweet from @champ11228:

The Swisher trade was probably Cashman’s best move.

I asked my followers what they thought about that statement, and a number of other moves received votes:

1) Trading for Alex Rodriguez
2) Forgoing Johan Santana...

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Charleston Riverdogs Preview

"The Holy City"

Ah, Charleston. Known as “The Holy City”, it was one of the first colonial cities to allow complete religious freedom. Interestingly, it’s home to the 4th oldest Jewish congregation in the United States, Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim, established...

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Open Thread | Game 6 | Minnesota Twins vs. New York Yankees | Thursday, April 7, 2011

After last night’s rainout, the Yankees and Twins are back at it at 1:10pm this afternoon on YES, playing the final in what is now a three-game series.

Here are what I would assume to be the lineups:

Denard Span CF
Tsuyoshi Nishioka 2B
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What Would A 6-team Playoff Look Like?

Yesterday, I mentioned that Bud Selig wants to add 2 teams to each league’s playoffs as soon as 2012. Assuming this comes before any crazy divisional realignment happens, how would it work?

There are three different concerns that weigh against each other, as far as I can tell. They are:

  • How do you select the...
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A Rational Guide to Rotten Starts

When it comes to baseball, it’s easy to screw up a factoid such as “no team has ever started the season 0-4 and gone on to win a World Series”. To the uninitiated, it might sound as if starting 0-4 is a block to winning a World Series, that a team would have to go and “make history” in order to overcome a 0-4 start and win a World Series.

Thing is, a factoid such as “no 0-4 team has won a World Series” is probably meaningless.  In all likelihood, such a factoid is probably just a coincidental intersection of two unrelated facts.  One might also note that no accident involving a nuclear power plant has taken place during a blizzard, but that doesn’t mean we should start building nuclear power plants in Antarctica.

We also have the issue of small sample sizes: not many teams have started 0-5, and not many teams (a bit less than one a year since 1903) have ever won the World Series. …

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Minor League Baseball Starts Tonight!

Our long national nightmare is over, finally, with the return of minor league baseball.  All four of the Yankees’ full season affiliates will be in action tonight, so it will be an opportunity to see a plethora of Yankee prospects in action.  We will certainly have more in depth minor league discussion throughout the season,...

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