Discussion: Cashman's Best Moves

During a discussion on Twitter about the relative merits of Nick Swisher and Andre Ethier, I received the following tweet from @champ11228: The Swisher trade was probably Cashman’s best move. I asked my followers what they thought about that statement, and a number of other moves received votes: 1) Trading for Alex Rodriguez 2) Forgoing Johan Santana and banking on CC Sabathia being available the following year 3) The Bobby Abreu trade 4) The Curtis Granderson trade 5) The Mike Mussina signing 6) The David Justice trade I thought it would be interesting to open this question to our readers, Continue reading Discussion: Cashman's Best Moves

Charleston Riverdogs Preview

Ah, Charleston. Known as “The Holy City”, it was one of the first colonial cities to allow complete religious freedom. Interestingly, it’s home to the 4th oldest Jewish congregation in the United States, Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim, established in 1749. It’s also home to to the College Of Charleston, where fan favorite Brett Gardner hails from. My memories of Charleston are less…holy. I’ve been there a few times on some golfing trips with friends and I can tell you from the 14% of the trips I can recall, there is plenty of fun to be had in “Chucktown”. There should also Continue reading Charleston Riverdogs Preview

Open Thread | Game 6 | Minnesota Twins vs. New York Yankees | Thursday, April 7, 2011

After last night’s rainout, the Yankees and Twins are back at it at 1:10pm this afternoon on YES, playing the final in what is now a three-game series. Here are what I would assume to be the lineups: Twins Denard Span CF Tsuyoshi Nishioka 2B Joe Mauer C Justin Morneau 1B Delmon Young LF Jim Thome DH Danny Valencia 3B Jason Kubel RF Alexi Casilla SS Francisco Liriano SP Yankees Derek Jeter SS Nick Swisher RF Mark Teixeira 1B Alex Rodriguez 3B Robinson Cano 2B Jorge Posada DH Russell Martin C Andruw Jones LF Curtis Granderson CF A.J. Burnett SP

What Would A 6-team Playoff Look Like?

Yesterday, I mentioned that Bud Selig wants to add 2 teams to each league’s playoffs as soon as 2012. Assuming this comes before any crazy divisional realignment happens, how would it work? There are three different concerns that weigh against each other, as far as I can tell. They are: How do you select the teams who move on to the playoffs? Who gets the bye? How do you fit another series into the schedule without going too long? A 6-team playoff has a lot more issues than an 8 team playoff does. At least two teams will have to Continue reading What Would A 6-team Playoff Look Like?

Game Six: Let’s Try This Again

After having last night’s game postponed due to rain, the Yankees and Twins will take to the Yankee Stadium field this afternoon to finish off this series before both skip town. Thanks to the rainout, neither team’s scheduled starter from last night will pitch, as Francisco Liriano and A.J. Burnett will both make their scheduled starts today. At least in the case of the Twins I find this mildly amusing, given that they actually made Carl Pavano their opening day starter over Liriano. Obviously Pavano caused the rain last night and begged out of starting today, because we all know he can’t actually make a start in the Bronx, amirite?

For the Yankees, the unscheduled off day is really a blessing in disguise, at least for now. In addition to pushing Freddy Garcia‘s first start back, it gave an off day to everyone on a night when Joe Girardi was planning on giving Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada/Alex Rodriguez, and Russell Martin a rest. The downside to that is the make-up date, some time in September, given that the only mutual off-days the Twins and Yankees have then bookends a West Coast trip for the Yankees. But we can worry about that later. For now I’m just fine if Gustavo Molina doesn’t actually have to play a game.

Lineups after the jump:

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A Rational Guide to Rotten Starts

Here are six words I never expected to say. Not before my 2010 taxes came due, in any event.

“Don’t count out the Red Sox!”

(Also, don’t count out the Rays. I don’t mean to ignore the Rays in all this … but most of the hand-wringing I’m witnessing concerns the Red Sox.)

I feel compelled to say this, because a lot of folks are looking at the BoSox’s 0-5 start and wondering whether the Sox have dug themselves into a deep hole. Rational Guy Rob Neyer has pointed out that only two teams have ever started a season 0-5 and gone on to make the playoffs: the 1974 Pirates and the 1995 Cincinnati Reds.

That sounds pretty bad, until Neyer goes on to point out that few teams start the season 0-5, period. And that most teams that start the season 0-5 are bad baseball teams that fail to make the playoffs because they are bad baseball teams. Actually, there’s not much about baseball that I can teach to Rob Neyer.

But I might be able to teach a little something to others.

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Minor League Baseball Starts Tonight!

Our long national nightmare is over, finally, with the return of minor league baseball.  All four of the Yankees’ full season affiliates will be in action tonight, so it will be an opportunity to see a plethora of Yankee prospects in action.  We will certainly have more in depth minor league discussion throughout the season, but today I just want to give a broad overview of tonight’s action, a few players to watch (on both teams), and the starters for the game. AAA Scranton will be facing the Lehigh Valley IronPigs (one of the great minor league team names) the Continue reading Minor League Baseball Starts Tonight!

Garcia’s Debut Pushed Back to April 15

Thanks to the rain out last night and the off day Monday, Freddy Garcia is stuck in a bit of limbo as to his first appearance. The Yankees could have pushed his start back a day, or they could have let the rest of rotation pitch on normal rest. They’ve gone with the latter, as you’d expect, but that would push Garcia back to Monday, when they don’t play a game and have the opportunity to re-start the rotation again. They’ll do that as well, sort of. Based on reports, it appears that Garcia will pitch on Friday the 15th to open the series against the Rangers, which would involve A.J. Burnett, Phil Hughes, and Ivan Nova pitching on normal rest, but C.C. Sabathia getting any extra day of rest before pitching on Saturday. I’ve got no idea why the team would do that, and I’d be more surprised than not if that didn’t change, and Garcia actually made his Yankee debut on Saturday the 16th.

There are pros and cons to this move. On the plus side is the obvious one; you get to minimize the use of your 5th starter while keeping your other four starters in their normal routines. On the other side of things, Garcia hasn’t pitched a live game since March 29th, which means he’ll have had a really long lay off before his first start and probably won’t be very sharp. Because of that, he’ll probably be available in the bullpen this weekend and early next week, and I would expect to see him make at least one relief appearance. Especially if things get out of hand in Boston this weekend. Continue reading Garcia’s Debut Pushed Back to April 15

Rain washes away Garcia's 2011 debut; to be available out of 'pen

With last night’s game rained out, Freddy Garcia missed what was to be his season debut and will be available out of the bullpen until the next time the Yankees need a fifth starter, which will be Friday, April 15, against the Rangers. With A.J. Burnett still set to go this afternoon against Francisco Liriano, the rotation over the next week should line up as follows: Friday, April 8 @ Boston – Phil Hughes Saturday, April 9 @ Boston – Ivan Nova Sunday, April 10 @ Boston – CC Sabathia Monday, April 11 – Idle Tuesday, April 12 vs. Baltimore Continue reading Rain washes away Garcia's 2011 debut; to be available out of 'pen