More Hughes News

Per Lohud, one of the myriad tests that Phil Hughes underwent indicated the possibility of a “circulatory problem.”  Hughes will be going to see a specialist in St. Louis to get another opinion, but this is not a real encouraging development.  Joe Girardi mentioned in his post0game press conference taht Hughes might have a mild case of thoracic outlet syndrome.  Hopefully the visit to the specialist will help clear things up.

What is thoracic outlet syndrome?  Here’s what Pubmed has to say:

Thoracic outlet syndrome is a rare condition that involves pain in the neck and shoulder, numbness and tingling of the fingers, and a weak grip. The thoracic outlet is the area between the rib cage and collar bone.

Causes, incidence, and risk factors

Blood vessels and nerves coming from the spine or major blood vessels of the body pass through a narrow space near the shoulder and collarbone on their way to the arms. As they pass by or through the collarbone (clavicle) and upper ribs, they may not have enough space.

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Game Thread: Bartolo Colon Takes On The White Sox

There’s something I love about watching Bartolo Colon pitch. He seeks to right the ship against Mark Buerhle after a disappointing start to the White Sox series. The lineups:

Derek Jeter SS
Nick Swisher RF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Robinson Cano 2B
Andruw Jones LF
Jorge Posada DH
Russell Martin C
Curtis Granderson CF

Juan Pierre LF
Alexei Ramirez SS
Carlos Quentin RF
Paul Konerko 1B
Adam Dunn DH
Alex Rios CF
A.J. Pierzynski C
Gordon Beckham 2B
Omar Vizquel 3b

Use this as your game thread for tonight. And cross your fingers that the bats finally come alive.… Click here to read the rest

No News On Hughes As He Undergoes Another Day Of Testing

Here is the update, from Chad Jennings:

Girardi says nothing new on Hughes right now. Doc will be here later. Might have an update then.

Hughes underwent a second day of medical examinations today, with the team putting him through a battery of tests to see if they can find any sort of explanation for his diminished velocity and tired arm. The Yankees likely refrained from sending Hughes from tests until now because, as medical professionals will tell you, you can often find something that will look anomalous in the arm of a person who throws a baseball for a living, even if the player is perfectly healthy. At this point, however, the Yankees have been left with no choice but to run through the entire repertoire of examinations to see if they can pin Phil’s struggles on a medical problem.

While I am still hoping for the best regarding Phil’s health, I cannot say that I am feeling very optimistic at this point.… Click here to read the rest

Foolish to Blame Soriano’s Performance on His Contract

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If Rafael Soriano felt unwanted at his introductory press conference, just imagine the thoughts going through his head as he walked off the mound to a chorus of 40,000 boos during yesterday’s 3-2 loss to the White Sox.

Things haven’t been looking up for Soriano in his first month as a Yankee (Photo: Getty Images).

Amid all of the dissent, no one ever disputed Soriano’s ability to pitch because it would have been a foolish argument. Not only was the right hander coming off a season in which he led the league in saves, but his entire career record pointed toward a dominant pitcher when healthy. Even Brian Cashman, who disavowed the signing for many of the reasons cited above, conceded that Soriano’s addition to the bullpen made the Yankees better.

Unfortunately, things haven’t exactly gone according to plan, regardless of whose plan it really was. In only 10 1/3 innings, Soriano has already allowed nine earned runs, which is only three fewer then he surrendered all last year.… Click here to read the rest

McCourt and Wilpon in very different circumstances.

Before anyone starts, this post is not about blogger Chass, I promise. He just happened to succinctly sum up a question a lot of people have been asking about the difference between the Mets and the Dodgers.

It is pretty easy to see a bit of hypocrisy and corruption on the surface here. Selig is obviously embarrassed and infuriated by the McCourt’s and clearly want them out of baseball, and his friendship with Wilpon is well documented. Given that, it’s easy to see the discrepancy in terms of Bud giving preferential treatment to his friends. But once you dig a little bit below the surface, I think the situations become pretty different.

In the case of the Dodgers, the basic financial situation is as follows; the McCourts are financial hucksters who have built a fortune on a ton of leverage. They basically leveraged their way up to buying an asset with a large revenue stream, and then took as much of that revenue as they could for themselves to finance a ridiculously opulent personal lifestyle.… Click here to read the rest

Decision Approaching on Kevin Millwood

On Sunday, Kevin Millwood will be allowed to opt out of his minor league contract with the Yankees and seek employment elsewhere if they do not add him to the 25-man roster. Going into Spring Training, I think Millwood was probably considered a better pitcher right now than Bartolo Colon or Freddy Garcia. However, Colon and Garcia have combined for 31 innings and an ERA of 2.32, with Colon throwing great stuff while Freddy Garcia is getting by with junk.

Millwood’s stuff hasn’t looked good in the minors, but we knew that would happen already. His stuff hasn’t been good for years. According to Fangraphs, he has consistently lost a half a mile per hour on his fastball every year since we started getting Pitch/Fx data. He’s old, that what happens when players get old. But, unlike Garcia and Colon, he’s consistently been a healthy innings eater in the American League over that time. I’m not sure if he’s still a better bet to pitch more effectively than either Colon or Garcia, but he’s got to be the favorite to at least stay healthy.… Click here to read the rest