A quick look at Nova's curveball last night

(photo c/o The AP)

Ivan Nova threw arguably the best game of his young career last night, notching a career-high .262 WPA (besting his previous outing against Chicago last season on August 29 — his...

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Should Montero replace Posada?

Let’s talk about Posada first. No, Jorge isn’t off to a very good start. Take away the home runs, and the guy just looks lost. And even with the home runs, his .145/.243/.453 batting line and 30.6% strikeout rate aren’t very attractive. But is this what we should expect Posada to do over a full season? Not, not at all.

Yes Posada is getting pretty darn old by the standards of professional baseball players, but let’s not act like the guy has shown signs of rapid decline. In 2009 he hit .286/.363./.522. Last year, he hit .248/.357./.454. A decline, yes, but still perfectly respectable, especially for a guy hitting in the bottom third of a lineup. Even if Posada declines again this year, he should still be much closer to league average with the bat than to the number’s he’s putting up now. Then again, maybe he won’t be. Maybe he will just totally fall off of a cliff offensively. But Posada does deserve some benefit of the doubt, in my opinion, based on recent performance.…

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Pitiful offense, Rafael Soriano and Brent Lillibridge team up to beat Yankees

There was not a lot to like about this one. For the second night  in a row the Yankees managed only a handful of hits against a White Sox starter, this time Gavin Floyd, who led Chicago to a 3-2 victory. Floyd wasn’t...

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Game 20: White Sox 3, Yankees 2

The Yankees did not take long to regain the lead.  With two outs in the bottom of the fifth, Brett Gardner drove his second homer of the season, giving the Yankees a 2-1 edge over Chicago.

Nova made it through six innings and returned for the seventh.  After issuing a one out walk to A.J. Pierzynski, the Yankees called on David Robertson out of the pen.  Robertson got Beckham to strike out, but gave up a single to Mark Teahen, putting runners on first and third.  Pierre hit a grounder to short, and Derek Jeter made the easy play to first to end the inning and preserve the New York lead.

Rafael Soriano came in for the eighth, but failed to redeem himself for his tough outing Monday.  With one out, Soriano hit Carlos Quentin with a pitch, and the White Sox put Lillibridge in to pinch run. Paul Konerko the drove a two-run homer to left and the White Sox took a 3-2 lead.…

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Appreciating the Bullpen

A lot of discussion has been had lately over the Yankees bullpen. Most of the conversation focuses around the Yankees having to use it so often because of the inability of the starting pitching to go deep into games. Often the bullpen is discussed in a negative light. They give up too many runs. They’re over...

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Jesus Montero Should Replace Jorge Posada as The Yankees' Regular DH

Jorge Posada is hitting .145/.243/.435 this season. According to Joe P. over at Fangraphs, he’s swinging at more bad pitches, making contact less, and continuing downward trends from past years. Almost all of his offensive contribution has come from his 6 home runs. He...

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Change in approach and results for Soriano

Rafael Soriano had a bit of a rough night last night. It started with an embarrassing play in which neither her nor the infielders could catch a simple pop up behind the mound off the bat of Alexi Ramirez. It ended after he gave up another hit, a walk, and allowed a...

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