Exaggerated Claims Distort Dodgers’ Current Plight; McCourts Have History with Distressed Franchises

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Move aside Barry Bonds. Fred McCourt is one of the most vile, reprehensible men in the history of baseball. At least that seems to be the popular sentiment expressed in the wake of Bud Selig’s decision to wrestle away control of...

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Quick Afternoon Hits

Joe Girardi is not ready to bench Brett Gardner just yet.

While I laid out the alternatives to Brett Gardner the other day, I can’t say I’m shocked he’s not being benched. It makes sense to give him a handful more plate appearances to see if he can right the...

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Fun with small samples

It’s late April, so we’re getting to the point where the stats we see in the batters’ graphics every night will start to (kind of) mean something. But, it’s also still early enough that there are some ridiculous stat lines up there.

Let’s start with IsoP. Currently, the Yankees have SIX (!!) players in the...

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Analyzing Bartolo Colon’s Outing

To say Bartolo Colon has been a pleasant surprise for the Yankees this season would be an understatement.  His signing (along with that of Freddy Garcia) prompted a lot of snarky jokes about the fact that it is no longer the year 2005 (a brilliant observation!) and that Bartolo Colon is fat (so perceptive!).  Considering...

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Cashman's Offseason Additions Paying Early Dividends

Brian Cashman’s offseason was widely viewed as disappointing by Yankees fans and baseball pundits alike. The club missed out on Cliff Lee, Zack Greinke was moved to Milwaukee, and Cashman was left to pick up scraps. Even among the leftovers, some expressed discontent with Cashman’s choices, preferring players such...

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When Will Montero Arrive?

Jesus Montero is raking in AAA right now. After another 3-5 night, he’s now up to .423/.423/.558 on the year, with 1 home run and 4 doubles in 52 plate appearances. Understandably, there has been quite a bit of commotion to call him up as soon as possible. I don’t think we’ll...

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What Slower Aluminum Bats In College Baseball Mean For Prospects

The NCAA finally began enforcing its provision against most high-end composite metal bats this season. Fangraphs has a great post up on some of the implications for hitters and for scouts:

As part of its ongoing attempt to temper the trampoline effect of metal bats – and in part lessen on-the-job hazards for pitchers...

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