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8 thoughts on “A tale of two struggling legends

  1. Jeter is the bigger concern to me and I am deeply concerned. Gosh, I wish he would get better.

    Your analysis makes sense on Posada, but I think you are right that he will get less rope than Jeter. One curious thing about Posada's stats: He's seeing far fewer fastballs this season. He's seen 58% for his career and the last time I looked, that figure was down to 48%. Is this because of scouting writing a new "book" on Posada? I have watched a lot of games and a lot of his outs have been on sliders and change ups down and in.

  2. Of course Jeter will get more "rope" – he IS signed into the next decade (or so it seems.) Unless Posada pulls an Ortiz and turns into a monster in the second half, this is his swan song – Jeter will have YEARS to figure out how to hit.

    Can hardly wait.

  3. "and now, a month into the season, Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada are the worst hitters in the team’s lineup."

    We wish they were! Gardner is hitting a bruising .200 and Swishalicious is at a dazzling .218. I bet both of them would take Jeter's .242 average (though not his propensity to hit weak ground balls!).

  4. Dude… please don't tell me you measure offensive output by BATTING AVERAGE!
    So OPS wise, because of his HRs, Posada is battling Swsher for 2nd worse, although Swisher's OBP would give him the edge over Posada. (OPS is a nice stat but is known to over emphysize SLG and de-emphysize OBP). wOBA is probably a better offensive Stat.

    Gardner: .211 .325 .408 .734 – wOBA: .317
    Swisher: .231 .342 .297 .639 – wOBA: .300
    Posada: .150 .244 .400 .644 – wOBA: .281
    D. Jeter: .250 .313 .270 .583 – wOBA: .260

  5. What everyone seems to forget is that the object in MLB is to win games, which the Yankees are doing at a rate better than anyone in their division. There's no doubt that Jeter's & Posada's skills have diminshed but until it prevents the Yankees from winning they should (and will) remain in the line-up. Additionally, there seems to have been some anti-Jeter bias at work for some time. I'll remind everyone that in 2009 it was frequently mentioned that no team had ever won the World Series with a shortstop of Jeter's age, especially one whose BA had declined by 20 points annually over the preceeding 3 years…..until they did. They'll continue to write his baseball obituary until eventually they get it right.

  6. Posada not hitting at DH is better than Jeter not hitting at SS. At least Jorge doesn't hurt the team defensively anymore, as Jeter cnotinues to do.