Game 27: Yankees 2, Tigers 4

Unfortunately, the fifth inning turned ugly for Sabathia.  He issued a one out walk to Brandon Inge, who scored when Jackson tripled on a liner down the left field line.  A single by Sizemore added another run to the Tigers’ lead. Ordonez kept the rally going by singling to left and Sabathia loaded the bases by walking Cabrera.  Sabathia managed to get Ryan Raburn to strikeout before Jhonny Peralta hit a grounder back to the Yankees’ hurler to end the inning.  Still, Detroit had increased their lead to 4-1.

Mark Teixeira gave the Yankees some help in the top of the eighth, adding a solo homer and putting them down just 4-2. David Robertson got into trouble in the bottom of the inning, however.  He gave up a lead-off double to Peralta before Wells popped up a bunt for the first out of the inning.  Robertson then intentionally walked Alex Avila, before getting Inge to strike out and Jackson to fly out to end the inning.

Jose Valverde came out to close the game for the Tigers.  He struck out Posada before walking Nick Swisher.  Martin then hit into a double play, ending the game with a 4-2 defeat for the Yankees.

Bronx Cheers: Base Running: The Yankees had some really ugly plays on the bases.  First, there was Andruw Jones getting thrown out at home on a fly ball to right.  The ball was not particularly deep and Wells was well positioned to gun it home, which he did, getting Jones out by plenty.  In the top of the sixth, a pitch got away from the Detroit catcher and Robinson Cano started to break for second, but hesitated a little less than halfway between first and second.  Detroit got him in a run down and he was tagged out at second.  The top of the sixth ended with Jorge Posada getting caught stealing.  I repeat – Jorge Posada got caught stealing…it’s not so much the getting caught that surprises me, as the actual attempt for the incredibly slow DH.  Of course, Penny never even got the pitch off, so throwing out Posada was pretty easy.

CC Sabathia: It was not a typical outing for Sabathia, though I am sure there are some who would take an outing like this.  CC gave up four runs on then hits over seven innings.  He put the Yankees in a hole early and they struggled to gain any ground.  He did continue to find ways to get out of some tough spots, but they were not enough.  He struck out six and walked three.

Curtis Granderson: The former Tigers’ centerfielder hasn’t fared well at his old home park.  He went 0-4 at the plate, after going hitless Monday night as well.

Robinson Cano: Robbie also went 0-4 with a strikeout and stranding three runners.  He also had the boneheaded play on the bases mentioned above.

Curtain Calls: Jorge Posada: It has been a while coming, but Posada has looked good the last couple games.  He went 2-4 with a run scored and a strikeout.  Granted, he had a horrible baserunning play, but the Yankees did not leave me with much to pick from Tuesday.

Mark Teixeira: Teixeira gave the Yankees a boost late in the game with a solo homer, but the rest of the offense was unable to put anything together.  He went 1-3 and drew a walk.

David Robertson: Robertson came in for the eighth and could have let the game completely get away from the Yankees, but he battled back with two on and one out, and kept New York within two runs.  In his inning of work he gave up a hit and a walk, but no runs.

In The On Deck Circle: Freddy Garcia will try to help the Yankees turn things around on Wednesday, when the Bombers meet the Tigers for the third game of the four game series.  Garcia is coming off a tough loss to the Blue Jays, where he lasted just five innings and gave up three runs on seven hits.  He struck out six, but also allowed five walks.  The Tigers will send Max Scherzer to the mound, who boasts a 4-0 record and 3.82 ERA at this point in the season.  He is coming off a disappointing no-decision, however, where he agave up five runs on six hits over 6.2 innings.  He struck out seven and walked five.  He had a tough outing against the Yankees a month ago, when he lasted just five innings and gave up six runs on nine hits.  Lefties have hit Scherzer hard this year (.326), while righties are having trouble (.186).  First pitch is at 7:05pm in Detroit.

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7 thoughts on “Game 27: Yankees 2, Tigers 4

  1. Thanks again, Tamar. I'm beginning to think CC is our worst starting pitcher not named Hughes; but then I dug into stats for proof and really couldn't find much to back up that premise. He just seems to struggle so much – after just about every start you can cut and paste a description of his performance – "He struggled, he didn't look like himself, but he limited damage and gave the team a chance to win." Which isn't bad, but when the rotation is supposed to be CC and the 4 Dwarves, this isn't a good thing.

    He leads the rotation in ERA, but only Nova has a worse WHIP or OBA; admittedly, he's pitched one more game than anyone else, and 11 innings more than the 2nd guy on the list – Burnett! But at this rate, if he doesn't blow up, Colon is making a pretty strong case to be our ace, with CC a reliable, innings eating #2.

    The only upside to this is that if CC opts, I'm going to be more disappointed if the team caves and re-ups him for a bunch more years. So far, the big guy isn't looking THAT good.

    • Yeah, I know what you mean. CC has had a few starts where I've gone and looked at the stats at the end and thought he hasn't looked as good as the numbers. The fact that he has a way of getting out of trouble and keeping the Yankees in games is good though. Other than Hughes we haven't really seen anyone totally lose it out there this year.

      One thing that I was just thinking about, however, is that the last couple years CC had some truly awful games in April, and we haven't seen that yet this year. In fact, in looking at his career splits on Fangraphs, it looks like CC might have had one of his better Aprils this season. He tends to get stronger as the season goes on, so we could actually be in for quite the season from the big guy if he keeps that up. Part of me still can't believe Colon has been as good as he has been this season, but I hope he keeps it up!

  2. Hope you're right. Even tho it will mean opt-out and big contract – we need CC's pitching.

    (But wouldn't it be totally awesome if Mr. Colon were to pitch like he has been, all season, and win the Cy Young?)


    • Between Colon and Garcia I kind of want to know where Brian Cashman found his lucky crystal ball during the off-season… Who knows whether they can continue this, but they have both pleasantly surprised me!

  3. OK, this is not really about last night's game but:

    What is the status regarding BatGlove or equivalents?

    CC had a close-ish call last night and Rivera a few nights ago.

    • Jason would know better, but last I heard negotiations broke off between BatGlove and MLB. Baseball seems to be happy with its 2-year old standards for bats, which they say have reduced broken bats by 50%. I question those numbers, but regardless, baseball seems to be satisfied with the approach they're taking.

  4. yankees are sorta struggling against down and out teams. The tigers came into this game with a 6 game losing streak to take a 2 game winning streak against the yanks….dislike! the pitching is God Awful and they havent been stellar nor impressive this year. If they dont get their act straight, they are gonna have a long year.