15 thoughts on “Game Thread | Game 27 | New York Yankees at Detroit Tigers | Tuesday, May 3, 2011

  1. C.C. is a true warrior. ‘Gets out of a one-out bases loaded jam and keeps it 4-1.

    If the Yankee bats woke up and posted two runs off Brad Penny, C.C. is in position to come out for the sixth, post a goose egg, and I’m guessing leave the game with 6 IP and the Yankees down only 4-3. Not bad. Even better if the Yankees made it 4-3, tied it, or went ahead and C.C. pitched a 9 pitches or less sixth so he could at least come out for the seventh.

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  3. Listening to the game on WCBS, Daily News’s Mark Feinsand just said Joe G told him before tonight’s game that he and Kevin Long talked a few days ago about Derek’s lack of extra base hits and line drives; that they both noticed Derek suddenly stopped using his legs and lower body in his swing about 70 games into last season which has resulted in a significant loss of both power and speed in his swing; that they told Derek before the season they would give him 100-150 at bats this season to work it out himself and, if he couldn’t, they plan to intervene and “make some changes.”

    Feinsand said Joe wouldn’t elaborate if by “changes” he meant some modifications to his swing or to the batting order, but Feinsand noted that tonight Derek is passing the 100 at-bat threshold, and added that Joe said “something’s wrong when a guy who averages around 50 extra bases a year has only two at this point in the season.”

    Don’t know if this is old news already or how many here listen to the radiocasts (I’m working late tonight and am stuck listening on my puter) but just thought I’d share what he said.

  4. HellOOOOO! Anyone out there? Hahaha.

    6 IP, 100 pitches, Yanks down 4-1. Winnable game. C.C. back out for the 7th? I’d give him at least one batter.

    GO YANKS!!!

    • No biggie either way. It’s winnable, but it’s a cold night and C.C. doesn’t have his best stuff.

  5. The Yankees need to hire Davey Lopes as a baserunning coach. This is embarrassing.

  6. Cold night. Cold CC. Cold bats. And the Tigers were due. As long as we win the series it’s no biggie. The pen will be nice and rested for the final two games, at least.

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