Joe DiMaggio book contest!

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7 thoughts on “Joe DiMaggio book contest!

  1. Thanks Jason for hosting a stop on the blog tour for "Joe DiMaggio: The Long Vigil." Good luck to all who enter.

  2. John

    Ok here are my answers:

    1. He had a 61 game hitting streak in the Pacific Coast League in 1933.
    2. There are rumors she was involved with all of these men, but I don't think there is proof to back it up.
    3. The Joltin' Joe
    4. No
    5. Paolo DiMaggio
    6. 1955, 88.84% on his third ballot

    • John

      Since there haven't been a huge amount of entries (come on people free book!). Can I correct my answer to 5. to Giuseppe Paolo DiMaggio Jr. ? Or am I too late? I got the middle name but not the first. My bad.

  3. Brian Paul

    1. 61 in 1933 (second all time)
    2. Alleged with the Kennedy Bros, I think she was involved and had some mafia ties with Sinatra (?), Tony Curtis and Marlon Brando are both yes.
    3. He had a speedboat appropriately named Joltin' Joe, given to him upon retirement from the game.
    4. Joey D was a rookie in either '35 or '36 and the award didn't emerge in the Major's until a decade after (I think) so… No?
    5. Giuseppe Paolo DiMaggio
    6. 1955, 88.84% – His THIRD BALLOT! It's funny how the Hall has changed!

  4. Ally

    1. 61
    2. Rumors of all of them
    3. Joltin' Joe
    4. No. Award didn't exist for a while after his rookie year
    5. Giuseppe Paulo DiMaggio
    6. 1955, 88.84% (third ballot)

  5. Haha, wow… talk about readily-available information. Thanks, Wikipedia!

  6. Phillip Scott

    1. 61 in 1933
    2. I'll say all of them and then some.
    3. The Joltin' Joe
    4. No. Taints his whole career.
    5. Giuseppe Paulo DiMaggio – an all-time great name
    6. He was inducted in 1955 with 88.84%. It took three ballots, presumably due to the steroids rumors.

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