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7 thoughts on “Joe DiMaggio book contest!

  1. Ok here are my answers:

    1. He had a 61 game hitting streak in the Pacific Coast League in 1933.
    2. There are rumors she was involved with all of these men, but I don't think there is proof to back it up.
    3. The Joltin' Joe
    4. No
    5. Paolo DiMaggio
    6. 1955, 88.84% on his third ballot

    • Since there haven't been a huge amount of entries (come on people free book!). Can I correct my answer to 5. to Giuseppe Paolo DiMaggio Jr. ? Or am I too late? I got the middle name but not the first. My bad.

  2. 1. 61 in 1933 (second all time)
    2. Alleged with the Kennedy Bros, I think she was involved and had some mafia ties with Sinatra (?), Tony Curtis and Marlon Brando are both yes.
    3. He had a speedboat appropriately named Joltin' Joe, given to him upon retirement from the game.
    4. Joey D was a rookie in either '35 or '36 and the award didn't emerge in the Major's until a decade after (I think) so… No?
    5. Giuseppe Paolo DiMaggio
    6. 1955, 88.84% – His THIRD BALLOT! It's funny how the Hall has changed!

  3. 1. 61
    2. Rumors of all of them
    3. Joltin' Joe
    4. No. Award didn't exist for a while after his rookie year
    5. Giuseppe Paulo DiMaggio
    6. 1955, 88.84% (third ballot)

  4. 1. 61 in 1933
    2. I'll say all of them and then some.
    3. The Joltin' Joe
    4. No. Taints his whole career.
    5. Giuseppe Paulo DiMaggio – an all-time great name
    6. He was inducted in 1955 with 88.84%. It took three ballots, presumably due to the steroids rumors.