Game 31-Colon's Old Spice



Bartolo Colon goes for the Yanks tonight, and while he may not have quite the zip on his fastball that he did a few years back, it’s still good enough for the 2nd best K/BB rate in the American League. That’ll teach ya for making fun of the fat kid back in school. Texas counters with Derek Holland, who sports a career ERA of 8.10 facing the Yankees (4 G). Should be a good night for the boys in pinstripes (road gray style), which of course means they’ll lose 10-0. That’s just baseball, Suzyn. Anyway, here’s your lineups for tonight, courtesy of LoHud:


YANKEES (18-12)
Derek Jeter SS
Curtis Granderson CF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Robinson Cano 2B
Nick Swisher RF
Andruw Jones LF
Jorge Posada DH
Russell Martin C

RHP Bartolo Colon (2-1, 3.00)
Colon vs. Rangers

RANGERS (17-16)
Ian Kinsler DH
Elvis Andrus SS
Michael Young 2B
Adrian Beltre 3B
David Murphy LF
Yorvit Torrealba C
Mitch Moreland RF
Chris Davis 1B
Julio Borbon CF

LHP Derek Holland (3-1, 4.66)

0 thoughts on “Game 31-Colon's Old Spice

  1. The spice may have worn off in this one, his velocity doesn’t look the same on his 4 seam thus far early in the game and his control is as bad or worse than it’s been all year. He had somewhat shaky control on the fastball last time out, but this go round it looks as though he is off wuth all his pitches.

  2. Good plate discipline by Alex setup Cano and the base clearing bases loaded triple! When the walks start coming for Alex the slump busting usually follows. He looks like he is almost ready to bust out, he’s been right behind a couple of fastballs the last 2 games, and the eye is there. When he’s not trying to do too much he can really lock in, like at the begining of the year.

  3. Andruw Jones just looks like he’s having a good time out there, whether its in the field or at the plate.

    • What do you think happened to him Steve? I’ve read many different opinions on why he fell off the table from the player he once was, from steroids, to being lazy and gaining weight, to rapid aging. He really is one of the biggest mysteries baseball has presented.

      • I’ll guess his skills eroded, and he just kept doing what he always did. Doesn’t strike me as a nose to the grindstone/wont rest till he fixes it type.

        • I agree with you on the lack of nose to the grindstone, I believe after he signed that large contract when he left Atlanta didn’t he show up majorly over weight?

      • he is taking happy juice Chris, he smiles at everything..strike three !!!whee

        • Happy Juice, like the Orange Juice from Euro Trip maybe haha.

          If anyone should take crap for his always smile it’s Damon… I’ve watched that man drop a pop up, that would’ve been out 3 directly resulting in a run and he couldn’t stop laughing and smiling afterwards. No one minds him though for some reason. Just the opposite in fact, people wanted him back on the Yankees.

          • if you can recall my posts about damon on that topic..boy did he annoy me..

          • Oh, I didn’t mean to imply that you were in any way asking for Damon to be back, sorry if it came out that way!

          • no, i knew you did not mean is just good to hear that others see players the way i do..

  4. RT: @bobshabazz: Eric Hosmer was just intentionally walked in his SECOND ML GAME

    • That’s something… I wonder if people are maybe showing a little too much respect for the young kid though, he is in his first go through afterall.

      Unrelated note I picked up Hosmer in fantasy just yesterday.

  5. Swisher must still be sick, he was coughing into his shirt after that long running catch. No one can ever say he isn’t a gamer.

  6. A-Rod looks like Grade-A Done Shit out there. Weak popups. Everyone gets on Jeter, but when was the last time Mr.Mediocre (A-Rod) drove a ball? 5 homeruns in 31 games if he doesn’t hit a homerun tonight – a 25-26 HR pace – is PATHETIC for a player making what he’s making. I didn’t know the Yankees were paying him $30M a year or around that to post ordinary power numbers.

    The Yankees should trade A-Rod in the offseason for prospects and to dump his salary and use that money for three good or better players. I say send his ass back to Seattle who could use his bat since they have no one worth a shit in their lineup besides Ichiro. He got his World Series ring with the Yankees, now let him break the homerun record as a DH in a Mariners uniform.

    The Yankees should’ve let A-Rod walk after 2007.

      • Like we should trade Alex anyway, don’t recall anyone whining while he was leading baseball with his .500 OBP in the month of April. Suddenly the guy goes into one slump and people forget baseball is a season of peeks and valleys. There is no such thing as a contract dump for prospects anyway Born. Not that logic really matters anyway….

        • .272/.367/.511/.878


          I really wonder why no one is comparing Alex and Jeter… Probably because Alex is still slugging over .500 with an .878 OPS, while Jeter is OPS’ing at .580. Those stat lines are pretty close after all.

        • i didn’t say trade him Chris, i answered the post of innings..arod is a favorite of mine, just when he funks , all bad memories come back to fans..i want to know, whats with all that garbage in his is the size of a baseball..the worse he hits the bigger it gets.

  7. Oh yeah, I’m getting sick of Teixiera’s act, too. A $20M a year player hitting .250. He’s turning into the sequel to Jason Giambi: high OBP but he can’t run, low BA, streaky. All HRs and not much else. Yeah, he’s a Gold Glove 1B, but the Yankees didn’t pay him all that money for that to be his primary weapon. They expected a guy to hit .285 or better with the OBP he’s posting. I was thrilled with his 2009 but just liked his 2010. His 2011 is looking like it’ll be worse than his 2011, and if it turns out to be worse, he’s getting worse every year.

    Short-term he’s solid, but long-term he looks like a contract albatross. The Yankees should trade him after next year before it’s too late.

    A-Rod and Teixiera will not age pretty, so I say trade them while they have value.

  8. Feliz must still be affected by what put him on the DL, he isn;t quite dialing it up as fast as I know he can.

  9. Would it kill this team to get a comeback win? Pathetic ninth inning.

    • We’ve mounted one or two this season but Feliz pitching with a multi-run lead and bottom of the order due up isn’t the best recipe for a comeback.

  10. God I hate having to listen to the Rangers broadcast… They end the game with “WAY TO GO BOYS, GREAT JOB TO BEAT THOSE YANKEES!!!!”

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