Game Thread | Yankees v. Rangers | May 8th 2011

The Yankees look to take the series in Texas with CC Sabathia facing off against Dave Bush and the Rangers at 2:05. The Yankees lineup:

Derek Jeter SS
Curtis Granderson CF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Robinson Cano 2B
Nick Swisher RF
Jorge Posada DH
Brett Gardner LF
Francisco Cervelli C

51 thoughts on “Game Thread | Yankees v. Rangers | May 8th 2011

  1. As I recall, it’s not that odd for early in the season, but I could be misremembering.

  2. Finally the Texas series is almost over, which means this is the final game I have to watch the most homer bias broadcast in baseball! I can’t wait to get back to the YES network next series!

    We should be able to get a comfortable win in this one boys, CC on the hill vs Bush is setup for us. Certainly a better matchup than Ogando.

  3. Jeter has been so awful on the base paths this year! He has screwed up at least 4 or 5 tags already this season, I just have never seen someones all around game fall apart so bad in so short a time.

  4. Bad control early on for Sabathia, and as good as his numbers have been this season the biggest reason he is lacking in the wins department is because his control has yet to be spot on in any start this season. Odd for Sabathia for sure!

  5. Honestly it’s embarrassed me to even think these people represent my state to outsiders who may not know anything about Texas.

    I hate Boston with a passion but I would never cheer at someone being hit or thrown at near the head.

  6. Now Kay is questioning the hit for Beltre that Rodriguez misplayed.

  7. He doesn’t even have to be nearly that good against lefties the whole season to be great overall.

  8. The Rangers fans are making me angry, they cheered yesterday when Teixeira almost got hit up and in, and now they cheer when Alex does get hit up in between the shoulder blades! Poor show of class!

  9. Love to see Granderson slugging period, but when he’s hitting lefties for power like he has this season he is truly a special player!

    With 2 HRs for Jeter and yet another HR off a lefty for Granderson I feel like we stumbbled into the bizzaro world haha.

    I can’t even believe the Rangers broadcasters are trying to say that Arod hit should be an error. When you smoke a ball so hard it nearly knocks your 3rd baseman down it’s not an error, even if he does manage to throw towards first.

  10. The radio crew was saying .275 for Jeter and .295 for Cano, so it must have been right at the moment.

  11. Cervelli Grand Slam!!!!!!!

    How in the hell can the Rangers broadcast say he only hit that HR because of a “jet stream”, he hit it to dead center.

  12. 4 for 4 with two homers! On the radio they were saying that Jeter is now the only Yankee hitting. His average is actually higher than every other regular except Cano.

  13. Apparently “the difference in this game was the Yankees taking advantage of the jet stream”.


  15. Home run number 9 for Teixeira! Eppley will probably want to forget this day!

  16. Great game and great discourse, thanks for making it more entertaining Professor!

    Side note: Lance Pendleton went to my High School! He graduated a year or two before me.

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  18. LOL @ Sterling’s uncovering of the Yankees’ diabolical jet stream plot!!!

    Anybody else notice a strange statistical anomaly in the standings this morning … seven teams have more wins than the Yankees — but only two have fewer losses!

    Am I the only one who thinks those rainouts the Yankees must replay later in the season rather than sooner may prove to be a gift from above?