The Morning Update: 5/09/2011

Things you’ll want to read this morning:

  • Joel Sherman picks the “under performing All-Star” team. Some of the names don’t really strike me as All-Stars, at least not anymore, but it’s a fun read all the same. In a morbid sort of way.
  • Along similar lines, Joe Posnanski picks the “having a worse season than Jeter” All-Star team. And this was before Jeter’s good weekend!
  • Tom Verducci analyzes baseballs attendance numbers without hyperventilating. Hey, that’s a pretty big achievement for the MSM, who are always eager to write yet another story about the much publicized demise of baseball. Larry did the same for the Yankees last week, although sober rationality is much more common from him. (To be clear, I’m not ribbing Verducci here, but the MSM in general. I like Verducci.)

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Born in Southwestern Ohio and currently residing on the Chesapeake Bay, Brien is a former editor-in-chief of IIATMS who now spends most of his time sitting on his deck watching his tomatoes ripen and consuming far more MLB Network programming than is safe for one's health or sanity.

4 thoughts on “The Morning Update: 5/09/2011

  1. I know you don't like MSM or Sherman, but I did appreciate seeing the incredible vanishing Rafael Soriano on the under performing team as reliever. Even better was the quote from the always voluble yet unnamed AL exec – "In describing the duo, one AL executive summarized: “Soft makeup plus financial security usually does not bring a good result.”

    I'm glad Jeter had a good weekend; still waiting for Swish to turn it around; but I really don't care if Soriano pitches every inning of the playoffs and no-hits everyone. I just don't like the guy – if Mo doesn't want to be in the same room with him – that's good enough for me.

    • I thought the premise of the column was funny, and it was interesting. If I had any quibble, honestly, it was Jeter as SS instead of Hanley Ramirez.

      • agreed – I didn't realize the Twins were having THAT much trouble.

  2. I agree with the tid bit about Verlander flying under the radar a bit. If i remember correctly he also was throwing 100mph or so for the last three fastballs of his last no-hitter. Really electric stuff, really fun to watch.