Joba emerging as bullpen rock

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4 thoughts on “Joba emerging as bullpen rock

  1. Hmm. Someone I know seems to have been saying this was coming for a while. Who could that have been?

    Shameless self promotion FTW:)

    • josh

      If Joba truly can't handle the rotation physically as the Yanks suggest, why was he was in the rotation in '09? I can't take that he's in the bullpen but I am glad that he is doing well as any good starter would in the bullpen.

  2. Rich7041

    I was at last night's game and according to the scoreboard, Joba hit 97-98 on his fastball. Hope he can keep it up as the weather gets warmer. (I know, I know…small sample size.)

  3. DPR

    As much as I want Joba to start, and I really want him to, ever since his major league debut, other things really lessened by opposition to him being a reliever. I still want him to try his luck at starting at least one last time, but I'm now content about him remaining in the pen.

    1) Rivera is Rivera, but he does age.
    2) (Relative) abundance of prospects starting games in the minors
    3) Seeing Joba pitch 3 out of 5 days instead of 6 or 7 innings at a time.

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