Game Thread | Game 35 | Yankees vs. Royals | Thursday, May 12, 2011

Here’s your game thread, and below is the probable lineup the Yankees will trot out against the righty Sean O’Sullivan, assuming Cano is good to go.

Derek Jeter SS
Curtis Granderson CF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Robinson Cano 2B
Nick Swisher RF
Jorge Posada DH
Russell Martin C
Brett Gardner LF

And Ivan Nova goes for the Yanks in the rubber game as the Bombers look to win the series.

11 thoughts on “Game Thread | Game 35 | Yankees vs. Royals | Thursday, May 12, 2011

  1. Back to Earth re: Nova people. He’s a solid #5 with a chance to be a good #4.

    A-Rod = A-Dog.

    .259 BA before his weak tapper to second. What was the last HARD OUT he made? The Yankees should trade him after this season before it’s too late.

    Oh yeah, the Yankees should also trade Betances, Banuelos, Brackman, and Montero to Seattle for Felix Hernandez. Let me know when Seattle wins the World Series with these four. And let me know when A-Rod wins the World Series with who he’s traded to.

    Hernandez/Sabathia/Burnett/Colon/Garcia, Nova further develops in AAA and replaces Colon or Garcia if either ultimately suck.

    2012: Hernandez/Sabathia/Burnett/Hughes/Nova

    • The Mariners would never touch that trade.

      Alex made a long line drive out last night actually in his final at bat.

      • Seattle will never receive a trade offer as good as or better than that.

        Seattle’s offense is so pathetic Montero would be their second best hitter after Ichiro.

        Betances, Banuelos, and Brackman making peanuts would allow Seattle to get two free agent #3 or better starters.

        A-Rod hit a long drive, not a line drive, hard out. And not a homerun. Hence, A-Dog.

        It’s funny how I destroy you every time you feel the need to prove me wrong.

        • Justin Smoak is hitting .283/.394/.509 with a wOBA of .392, and his 22 RBI are near the top of baseball. Which means he is actually having a better season than Ichiro.

          Ichiro is hitting .312/.359/.357 with a wOBA of .330…

          Because of Smoak they wouldn’t even be able to put Montero at first base, he would be a DH thus lowering his value.

          Also Montero is hitting .330/.351/.404 and a wOBA of .338 with 1 HR and 8 RBI in triple A, so he isn’t even hitting as well as Smoak in triple A.

          You don’t destroy anyone you just insult people and player bash, and then you believe you “won” because of that.

          I’m sorry, I have tried to have a 100 conversations with you and at no point can you keep anything civil. I started out being nothing but nice to you when you first started posting here, and have never been abruptly rude, but at a certain point I can’t believe you are a Yankee fan with the constant bashing of players and anything else you don’t like.

          • Jesus Montero is the 3rd best ranked prospect in baseball but after that it drops down to Banuelos and Betances at 41 and 43 respectively and Brackman is all the way down at 78. They could get a better trade than that for the best pitcher in baseball, and if they couldn’t they shouldn’t trade Felix.

            In comparison Pineda is the 17th best prospect in baseball so they already have a rookie pitcher better than everyone but Montero. The addition of Pineda makes it even less likely they would trade Felix for anything let alone a DH and 3 pitchers who may all end up in the pen.

  2. This fallacy that the Mariners would trade the best pitcher in baseball for Montero, Banuelos, Betances, and Brackman is mind boggling to me.

    With the Mariners trading for Smoak last year they already have first base filled for what they hope is the next 4-6 minimum, the fact that they were willing to trade for Smoak over Montero also hints that they don’t view Montero as a catcher for any real length of time. This means that Seattle would in essence be trading the best pitcher in baseball for a package centered around a career DH, immediately cutting his value to them compared to other teams in baseball that might view him as a catcher or with a first base opening.

    Banuelos is 5’10 and as much as we believe in his ability to start his stature is always going to be used against his value by other teams in trades, and they would be stupid not to. Any team trading for Banuelos is always going to start with the argument that his size could not only cause his starting career to be cut short, but could also could cause him to never be more than a closer in the first place.

    Betances when healthy has had major control problems in his career, and before last year was being written off by most as a bust do to his lack of ability to get on the field. While he may have endless potential teams will use the fact that no one knows where he will pitch (rotation or pen) in the major leagues against him, if his health allows him to pitch in the big leagues at all.

    At this point Brackman has less potential and hype than all of the rest in this trade, and if you have seen his triple A numbers this year you would know he has done nothing at all to help his status or clear up his control problems that have plagued him his whole minor league career.

    The truth is all 4 of these players have more value to the Yankee organization than they will any other, and especially Seattle. Beyond that with the development of Michael Pinenda in the Mariners rotation has opened up a whole new scenario for the M’s, as they can now envision a future with Hernandez and Pineda as being one of the nastiest 1-2 punches in baseball.

    Hernandez is also signed through the 2014 season meaning that if at some point Seattle does decide they “need” to trade Hernandez they can do it at any point in time during the next 3 seasons.

    Top all of this off with the mass attendance fall and thus drop in money coming into the Mariners front office if they decided to trade Hernandez there is next to no chance Seattle trades Felix. If they did they would need to make one of the ultimate baseball equivalent of a Herschel Walker like trades

  3. The truth is “Duh, innings” I would have in depth baseball conversation with you on here all day if you would go about it in a different way.

    First of all I love the name, it’s original, and I thought the Charlie Sheen meltdown was hilarious when it happened, but you either attack players, posters with different ideas, and you tend to lace your posts with cursing. I curse, we all do, but I know that kids come on this site and it just doesn’t come off very well to handle yourself in that manner.

    You don’t even argue your points you just say things like “this is for all you OBP nerds out there”. If you do want to have civil conversation that results in actually getting somewhere I’m down for it, but you have to change the way you carry yourself on things.

    As far as a Felix Hernandez trade goes I don’t think they would accept anything less than a trade starting with Montero, Gary Sanchez, Banuelos, and Betances, and they may still ask for a Nova type pitcher.

    • At least with that HR Alex should go on a streak now, the man always hits homers in clusters. He’s been getting closer for about a week now, fouling pitches straight back and being slightly late with the leg kick.

      • i would like to see the guy he was the first three weeks..looked like he was going to have hugh #s..were rooting for you alex

  4. bright side..cliff lee in the national league…378 era..23mil per..we have three starters with a lower era. and colon at .386..we still got abused again tonight..lost 2 of 3 at home to this team..