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2 thoughts on “What about Gardner’s feelings?

  1. With Gardner, maybe it's just as simple as Tamar said – he performs better when he's batting cleanup for the entire lineup (9th) – so why mess with a guy who's hitting.

    Martin – dunno – after getting a bunch of hits and a lot of press – he is in a bit of a slump. I'd guess he's tired, but I'm sure someone on the NYDN will tell you he can't handle the pressure of higher expectations. ;) Of course, he could just be reverting to his performance of '09 and '10.

    Since lineup changes don't mean much – why mess around? If you dropped every slumping Yankee to the bottom after a couple cold days, there would be games when we didn't have anyone to hit 2-3-4.

  2. Why fix something when it's not broken? If Gardner was moved up again and struggles again, but this time, after getting back to the bottom of the order, does not go on a tear, then people will say "why did you mess with the lineup?" There are always faults to find with a manager's decisions, but of course, we don't know what they know, and they don't know what we know.