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15 thoughts on “Posada removes himself from lineup

  1. I feel real bad about seeing Posada go like that. It's an irrational response, because he's really not producing at this time, but I don't want him to leave.

    Conversely, moving Swisher down there is a bad idea. He's better up top. In fact, I would have him at #2, after Granderson leading off. But that's a vote off no confidence on Nicky, which can't be good for him or the team. A lot of people are *seemingly* having issues now. Who's next? Teixeira?

    • Real quick follow up mid-game: that's what you get for swapping Swish with Martin. I like Martin, but how anybody could think he's suitable in a mop-up spot after Rodriguez and Cano is beyond me.

  2. It would be a sadder ending than Ken Griffey retiring after rumors about him "taking a nap". It may be a horrible thing to say, but I honestly hope that Posada is going through some emotional turmoil so he needs some time off, instead of just being plain angry, discouraged, tired, and want to retire.

    Also, though it would help Gardner feel better, I can imagine him feeling really horrible, or even receiving death threats from angry radical Posada fanatics if this event leads to Posada retiring in an untimely fashion.

  3. Watching Fox right now… Laura, Jorge's wife, cliamed that Jorge got back stiffness. Nice to know that it won't escalate into something horrendous

  4. The latest update of the story on ESPN mentions the back stiffness business, and I'm sure we'll know more very soon … but right now it does not sound like Posada is game-to-game with an injury. As Brien reported, it sounds like Cashman knows nothing about a Posada injury. The story reports that (1) Buster Olney (as good as they come) has heard from a Yankees source that the Yankees believe that they have grounds to suspend Posada, but won't act until there are "more conversations", (2) another source indicates that Posada felt "disrespected" about being bumped to the ninth spot in the lineup, and that Posada said he couldn't play at the ninth spot in the order, (3) there is no indication that Posada is going to retire, and (4) the Yankees are in contact with the Commissioner's office as it considers its options.

    I hope that ESPN has it wrong and that we ARE just talking about a day-to-day injury. But there is stuff in the latest ESPN story that I've never heard come out of the Yankees' locker room or front office. I'd love for this to go away but I don't think it will.

    • It's painful to watch another bad loss, but it probably won't be the last bad thing that happens tonight.

  5. First, I'm glad I don't have to watch a catcher who only calls for fastballs when a baserunner is on 1st, who can't regularly dig balls out of the dirt and stands 3 feet away from the plate to avoid any risk of a collision at home. More importantly, there is WAY too much noise attributed to Posada about being uncomfortable as a DH. Get your head out of your *ss and grow up. The Yanks are in a 162 game playoff race. Ask what you can do for your team, not what your team can do for you.

    P.S. The fact that Girardi never dropped Jeter is the one thing that gives Posada some claim of being disrespected. Jeter should be batting 9 and Garder 1.

  6. This is very confusing, but from what I'm getting Posada is saying his back was stiff today, but that he didn't want to tell Girardi/Cashman that when he asked out of the lineup today, which just seems weird to me. I don't have access to anything but beat writer accounts of Posada's comments at the moment, but the gist of it on Twitter seems to be that Posada is not looking very good in this tonight.

    • It looks like Jorge is making excuses for truly unprofessional behavior. But I'm trying to figure how this story got out. If Cashman or the Yankees' brass put this story out there, that's truly awful stuff too.

      • I think that depends on what exactly Jorge said/did. though I'm definitely starting to get the feeling that this isn't an out of nowhere situation based on the quotes we're seeing tonight, to say nothing of reports that the Yankees called the commissioner's office about the matter.

        • The call to Selig's office seems like an overreaction, particularly on a Saturday night, What, do they have a GM advice hotline there?

          • Apparently they're looking into whether they have grounds to suspend Posada/dock his pay.

  7. One thing that would be interesting to know regardless of if the situation has been brewing for a while or not is if Girardi has brought in or will bring in Jeter to talk to Posada. Not only because Jeter and Posada are great friends, but also with Jeter being the captain and all of that jazz. I think bringing him in could have prevented some of this blow up, or maybe it will help calm everyone down now

    • Without picking at other scabs, what's Jeter going to say? "Listen Jorgie, I know I've been struggling all year but got to stay in the leadoff spot because I'm Derek Jeter, Yankee Legend, but you're just not hitting well and need to accept being moved down the lineup for the good of the team."?

      • For May, Jeter has the 4th best wOBA for full-time Yankees starters, behind Grandy, Gardy and Teix.