Better News On Posada Affair (UPDATED)

Curry has now spoken to Girardi as well. Apparently, the meeting between Girardi and Posada was emotional, apparently in a good way. Girardi admitted that there’s “no manual” for managing aging Yankee greats. Girardi knows of no planned fine or sanction for Posada’s pulling himself from last night’s lineup (editorial comment: GOOD!), and like Jeter, Girardi expressed his support of Posada: “I believe he’s going to turn it around.”

9 thoughts on “Better News On Posada Affair (UPDATED)

  1. One thing that I haven't seen reported here (or in very many spots — maybe this isn't reliable whatsoever) is that there were threats of docking his pay if he needed days off. Considering his wages, it's reasonable, but I wonder what the fallout from that would be. I only saw that the comment came from a "Yankee official," so the source is obviously very sketchy. I'm glad Posada is accepting some of the egg on his face, though. Hopefully this is just a small aberration… just like his OBP through the first fifth of the season.

    • adam, I didn't see anything about docking pay for days off, only if Posada refused to play. Distinction: the former is consensual, the latter is unilateral. A valid distinction if it's true.

  2. Whew. This sounds like the best possible outcome given the situation.

    Well, actually in my fantasy world, Posada hits a pinch hit walk-off HR against Lester to salvage a game in this series.

  3. Nice to see that this situation did not escalate into a full-out war between the sides.

  4. Reminds me a bit of the late '70's and the "Bronx Zoo" atmosphere. Who knows, maybe we'll have a good ol' donnybrook between the 2 teams tonight, ala Munson/Fisk & Nettles/Lee! I personally think this is a good thing that has happened. Sometimes things build up and you need to vent. Let it all out. Holding it in is NEVER a good thing. Now that this is all in the open, perhaps Posada will take to DHing better than just thinking it's 4 PHing apperances and start to hit better, Girardi can start to manage his iconic, aging stars a little more freely and with some latitude from everyone, after acknowledging there is no handbook to do so, and the Yankees brass will STOP doling out HUGE contracts to players who will be past their prime by the end of it.! There was an elephant in the room, and finally, everyone has acknowledged it. Apologies all around, bad feelings put aside and there are 125 games left in the season. Plenty of time to get everyones mind and swings right, make a couple of trades and call ups, and start playing to their potential. I honestly believe this will relax the team and they will start to play better. Like Clemenza said in "The Godfather," "this has to happen every 5-10 years to clear all the bad blood."

    • Not sure I agree, but any comment with a Godfather reference is a comment I like.

      • But then you wouldn't have liked Posada since he took sides against the family in public… o.O