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4 thoughts on “Day after more important for Jorge

  1. I hope cooler heads prevail as well. By the same token, Joe stepped aside for Jorge rather gracefully as I recall, and I think he has the cooler head. A subsequent reprise of Jorge's behavior will not be good for his legacy.

  2. Brien, I profoundly want this issue to go away, as I think it reflects badly on everyone involved, in most cases by a greater degree than anyone deserves. But for the record, I agree that everyone gets to take a day off every now and again when his head is not in the game. That's probably best for all concerned, and while we can say that a "professional" always has his head in the game, there are many things that are legitimately more important than baseball. For example, family comes first.

    This being said, the reason that Posada's head was not in the game last night was an issue related to the game. The extent of the sympathy I feel for Posada depends on how we cast the issue. If the issue is that he didn't like his spot in the batting order, then my sympathy level is low. But I agree with you, Posada deserves some benefit of the doubt, and I feel more sympathy if his problem was that he was unhappy with how little he's been producing and if he thought it would be better for all concerned if he could take a night off to regroup and refocus.

    Unfortunately, with the way this story has become so public, any benefit Posada might have gotten from taking a night off has been shot to hell.

  3. Jorge was/is/will always be a Yankees great. Congrats. It's well deserved for a career with strong contribution to team success. He could retire and everyone would justly praise him. He could unselfishly go back to work to hopefully find his swing and after the bad-mouthing from fans and some press, all would understand that he was trying for one last hurrah. Or he could continue with this pattern of muttering under your breath about DH-ing while stinking up the joint and watch everyone say WTF JORGE?

    Girardi doesn't have the luxury of taking a public position against his player so he did what you'd expect him to do and gave a non-answer. However, the back story on this is clear that Cashman spent a lot of time trying to rationalize with Jorge and his agent about exactly what he was doing before the game. Jorge (and his wife) tried to use a BS back tightness excuse but there must have been a line in the sand with Cashman and he exposed what really happened. After all that has come out re: Cashman and DJ, I trust Cashman more than anyone else in the Yankees organization. If your name ends in Steinbrenner or Levine, please stay out of the mess and let Cashman be the tough guy to get this ship righted before we end up with a truly tragic season.

  4. It's not the asking out of the lineup that bothers me, with his BA so low, arguably he gave the Yankees a better chance to win. What bothers me is the reports I've head (confirmed or not I don't know) that he threw a hissy fit over being ninth in the lineup, and the issue of the sore back.

    Even so, I think it's all a little overblown, he's a proud man, fustrated with himself and possibly facing the end of his career so I can forgive some of his emotionality

    The teams suckiness lately is a much bigger issue.