Game 38-Back to baseball

With the past 24 hours being overwhelmed by Posada-gate, I’ll just tie up some loose ends with Jorge before moving on to tonight’s game.

Jack Curry Tweets that “Posada said he apologized to Girardi. “I had a bad day yesterday,” he said.

Brian Hoch Tweets that Jorge plans to talk to Brian Cashman as well.

Jorge Posada Sr, who is a scout for the Rockies, says he “made a bad decision”

-Laura Posada has removed the “bad back” post from her Twitter account.

-The Yanks are seeking to dock Jorge two days pay, according to Joel Sherman

-Buster Olney Teetwed this: “Bottom line on the whole Posada thing: This episode will accelerate his departure from the team unless he starts producing at the plate ASAP”

To nobodies surprise, Jorge Posada is not in the lineup tonight. With two tough lefties in Lester and Price due to face them in the next two games, it was unlikely he would have played anyway. The real test will be Tuesday night facing James Shields, who he is 5-12 against with a HR for the past 2 seasons.

In other Yankee news, Brian Hoch just reported that Rafael Soriano has “more stiffness in his pitching elbow”. No word yet on whether he’s available tonight or if it’s serious. b

With that out of the way, here is today’s lineup:

Derek Jeter SS
Curtis Granderson CF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Robinson Cano 2B
Nick Swisher RF
Andruw Jones DH
Russell Martin C
Brett Gardner LF

Freddy Garcia goes for the Yanks, with Jon Lester on the bump for the BoSox.

0 thoughts on “Game 38-Back to baseball

  1. see chris his wife retreated from the bad back story..that means it was an untruth or as i call it a lie.. it is his wife, she loves him and does not want is 11mil left mother or my girl friend or my wife can never fight my battles or get in the middle of my excuse here.just say sorry and show up

  2. Let’s just clear this up born…

    I never said the reason he was out of yesterdays game because of the back, in fact I mentioned more than once I didn’t believe that was the reason. However I also said that if he didn’t have a sore something on his body at this point I would be surprised, he clearly used that as his excuse after the game but it doesn’t mean his wife is a liar as you said she was.

    The problem I have with what you said is that you said he had his wife lie for him, and I simply don’t feel comfortable talking about someones wife like that. It isn’t right, you don’t know that women. It’s the same reason I have a problem with you continuing to insinuate that she wants him to keep playing because she doesn’t want to lose his money. It sounds like you are calling the women a gold digger and that is simply wrong.

    The other disagreement we had revolved around you saying Posada should simply retire… While I don’t necessarily disagree with this, all I have said from the beginning is that it won’t happen. He has too much pride to ever admit that he is done, it doesn’t matter what the numbers say. An athlete like that will never admit he is done playing. There are way too many examples of players who played at a top level not letting go to run through, Jorge has an ego and it won’t let him admit he is done.

    Yes this mean he will force the team to DFA him if they want him off the team before the season is out. Is this selfish? Sure it is, I never said it wasn’t, I was simply pointing out the mentality of a great athlete. Trying to compare his mindset to the mindset of a Gil Meche is apples and oranges, because even at his best Meche wasn’t considered a potential hall of famer. Therefore I am sure he is much more in touch with where he is as an athlete than Posada is.

    Much of this was simply you not understanding what I was saying, I have tried multiple times to explain my position, but honestly this is simply getting frustrating. I feel like we have had the same conversation for hours without it getting anywhere. I don’t know what you can disagree with here, again I feel it is the fact that either I am not explaining myself well enough, or you are simply not understanding.

    Yes Posada is wrong, but to expect him to retire isn’t realistic, and acting on emotion and simply DFA’ing him over this situation isn’t a smart move from a PR stand point. You give him another 2 to 3 weeks to try and turn things around and then you do what you have to do.

    Now hopefully we can put this behind us and move on.. finally.

  3. Buster Olney had a report earlier today that he doesn’t expect any big name pitchers to be available come the deadline. In fact he went as far as to say that several GMs told him they don’t expect any bigger names than Paul Maholm, and Aaron Harang to be available for trade.

    Let’s all hope that Buster is talking to just be talking on that one.

  4. There has been a very large strike zone in this game, it’s like he wants to hurry the game along.

  5. I’m pretty sure Gardner had that beat if he just kept running to second, I think he faked out by the man covering 2nd.

  6. Posada just asked out of the trainers room. Said he’s not happy with his massage time.

  7. Cano’s BB% is extremely low this season (3.3%), dropping almost 5 points from last years 8.2%. He’s walking less and striking out more than he has in his entire career, with a K% 5.1 points above (17.1%) his career average of 12%. His BABIP is also the lowest of his career (.275), and only the second time he has been below .300 since his 2007 season.

    He is hitting the ball with authority however with a .536 SLG, a career high .257 ISO, and a .372 wOBA, so I expect the other numbers to start trending upwards at some point. I imagine though with Cano not hitting like we expect it is making the rest of the lineup struggles a little more noticeable.

  8. this is the time girardi needs to come out and give it to theump and get thrown out ..this is a perfect time..nah he shakes his head..

  9. Not gonna rehash the Posada thing except to say he apologized and we all need to put it behind us. But…his timing was awful, regardless. Not just b/c this a series vs BOS but b/c this would’ve been a perfect time for Joe G. to crack the whip and the Posada incident—with its attendant hoopla—probably took away a prime opportunity to do so.