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2 thoughts on “Posada not in tonight’s lineup

  1. I don't think anyone expected Posada to play in this game. The team would want to bat Jones against a lefty, so the only question is who sits out. Earlier in the season the team might have benched Gardner, but Gardner's been hitting well of late. The team could sit Swisher, but Swisher's actually hit OK against lefties. We're not sitting Granderson. So DH is the only spot for Jones to occupy. It sucks that Posada is being benched after last night's incident, but that's the way things go. It would be great if the Yanks could get Lester out of the game early and a righty in his place, to get Posada into the game.

    FWIW, Posada's not likely to start on Monday night either, against lefty David Price.

  2. I was kinda hoping to see if Girardi would try putting him back at the nine spot. I'm very curious to see how he'll react when he returns to the lineup. Girardi's painted himself into a corner now. If he doesn't bat Posada nine, it'll look like he's caved.