Game 38: Red Sox 7, Yankees 5

Andruw Jones led off the bottom of the second with a solo homer, putting the Bombers back in the lead.  Martin worked a walk and then Brett Gardner made an ugly bunt attempt that popped up for Adrian Gonzalez to make an easy catch.  Jeter grounded out, moving Martin to second and Granderson drove a two-run homer into the stands, giving the Yankees a 4-1 lead.

The Red Sox came right back in the top of the third.  Jacoby Ellsbury lined a double to right.  Gonzalez worked a walk and Youkilis drove a three-run shot out, tying the game 4-4.  Boston took a 5-4 lead off a solo homer by Ortiz in the fifth.

Boston added insurance in the seventh.  With one out, Dustin Pedroia walked.  He stole second and David Robertson intentionally walked Gonzalez.  Youkilis hit a grounder right to Alex Rodriguez, who let the ball dribble through his legs for an error.  Youkilis was safe and Pedroia scored, giving the Red Sox a 6-4 lead.  Robertson came back and struck out Ortiz.  He walked Drew, but caught Lowrie looking to end the inning with the bases loaded.

Granderson worked a walk in the bottom of the seventh.  With two outs, Rodriguez doubled to left. Carl Crawford made a bad play on the ball, allowing Granderson to score and putting the Yankees within a run.  The Red Sox got that run back, however, when Jarrod Saltalamacchia connected with his first homer of the season, off a slider from Joba Chamberlain in the eighth, putting the Red Sox up 7-5, a score that would hold as Boston swept the series in the Bronx.

Bronx Cheers: Freddy Garcia: The Yankees gave him the lead twice, and he immediately coughed it up both times.  He lasted just 5.1 innings, giving up four earned runs on five hits, two walks and four strikeouts.

Joba Chamberlain: Joba gave up a solo homer in the eighth, when the Yankees had just pulled within one run.

Brett Gardner: Despite going 0-4, Gardner also managed to get caught stealing and picked off.  He popped out on a terrible bunt attempt and stranded five runners.

Nick Swisher: Swisher went 0-3 with two strikeouts and a walk.  Swisher had plenty of opportunities to be the hero, but he ended up stranding four runners.

Curtain Calls: Mark Teixeira: Teixeira went 2-5 and was the only Yankee with more than one hit.  He also had a RBI.

Curtis Granderson: I think Granderson is the one constant on this team right now.  He went 1-4 with two runs scored and two RBIs.  He hit his sixth homer off a lefty this season, his thirteenth overall.  Grandy also worked a walk.

Mariano Rivera: The other constant for the Yankees.  He pitched one inning of relief, giving up a hit and a walk, but holding the Red Sox scoreless.

In The On Deck Circle: The Yankees leave the Bronx and head to their spring home, as they take on the Tampa Bay Rays, the current first place team in the AL East. A.J. Burnett will take the ball on Monday evening.  Burnett gave up just one hit and run to the Royals over seven innings in his last game, although he did issue five walks.  Burnett is holding opposing hitters to a .213 average this season.  The Rays will send David Price to the mound.  Price is 5-3 with a 3.12 ERA right now.  He went eight innings against he Cleveland Indians on Wednesday, giving up two runs on five hits.  The Southpaw has been brutal against lefties this season, who are hitting just .151 against him.  First pitch is at 6:40pm at the Trop.

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13 thoughts on “Game 38: Red Sox 7, Yankees 5

    • At the very least they'd have a good excuse for sitting him another day without using the word "platoon," which should be on their minds at this point.

  1. Just got home from the game. Frustrating loss, but it was great to hear the crowd supporting Jorge. It takes a lot more than one "bad day" for Yankee fans to turn on him. Yes, he was wrong, but we're over it, lets hope the media gets over it soon.

  2. Teixeira's first/second pitch pop-ups are beginning to grate on us, I think. But who could get angry at Tesh? Nobody. He's impossible to get angry at. He's not hitting great right now, but I haven't heard his name mentioned too much. He's too affable.

    • Tex is really interesting because I was thinking just the same thing the other night…then I checked his B-Ref page. He's actually hitting .259/.384/.519, but he sure will make some ugly looking outs, won't he?

  3. I'd like to give Bobby Valentine honorable mention in the Bronx Cheers with his annunciation of Mark "Tex-sherra" every time he does a Yankee game. You're doing it wrong, Bobby.

    Ugh and Gardy popping up another bunt, for the love of decreasing run expectancy. And then stopping when he got picked off trying to steal 2nd, keep running! He may have made it or at least made it close instead of giving up (rundowns are a 99% sure out past high school).

    I have to say I did shed a tear during the Baseball Tonight pre-game when they mentioned wOBA during the segment on Russell Martin. In other news, I am a huge nerd.

    And I hate to be "that guy" Tamar, but in the On Deck section, you have "Burnett is holding opposing pitchers to a .213 average…" when I think you meant batters. But I still love your game recaps!

  4. I believe Tesh is just going through a slump.. less optimistic for Captain Groundout and Jorge. Even A-rod looks lost after his hot start, the oblique thing seems to be messing with him. Give him a "mental health" day?

  5. Even tho he didn't score, Gardner DID save at least two runs with his defense; one great diving catch, and one absolutely amazing catch later in the game.

    Lots of Yankees can't hit – at least, not now, not when they need to. At least Brett is doing something.

  6. I think this is where my main frustration lies with Brett Gardner. He can make some great defensive plays, but I want to see him improve in other parts of his game and not give up chances for as many runs as he is saving. What I really want to know is whether Girardi is responsible for all the bunts – I mean, I assume he is since Gardner hasn't shown an ability to consistently get a bunt down, but since he does it so much i almost feel like Gardy could be doing it on his own.

    • No idea about the bunts – but for his last ab, the ESPN guys told us "Well, he has the take sign" – and he did take what looked to be a pretty hittable pitch.

      Never having played, I have no idea how much control the players have, and how much MLB – The Show type managing is taking place. I'd guess they micro-manage "kids" like Gardner more than the they do the "stars/veterans" – tho who knows – Joe might even be telling Tex and Alex when to hit, how to hit, and where. I think the only place Brett has a say in things is in the outfield – which might be why he looks pretty good out there.

      • oh i'm sure he's getting told to bunt, I just feel like it's happening so frequently with so few results that eventually things would change. Though last night when asked about that bunt Gardner was frustrated because it's a "big part of [his] game." It seems to be, but not in the way I think he would like.