Game Thread (and Soriano news) | Game 47 | Yankees vs. Blue Jays | Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Late this afternoon, word came that Rafael Soriano was shut down with more elbow soreness (h/t RAB via Jerome Preisler) with no timetable for a return. Best. Signing. Ever.

Here’s tonight’s lineup against Ricky Romero, c/o LoHud:

Derek Jeter DH
Curtis Granderson CF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Robinson Cano 2B
Russell Martin C
Nick Swisher RF
Brett Gardner LF
Eduardo Nunez SS

And on the hill, the Big Stoppa, CC Sabathia.

84 thoughts on “Game Thread (and Soriano news) | Game 47 | Yankees vs. Blue Jays | Tuesday, May 24, 2011

  1. Gotta love Russell Martin, he may turn out to be one of the best signing in the whole off-season. Obviously he has to remain healthy all year, and that’s a big IF, but he is on pace for a 20 HR-10 SB season. With production like that he would be guaranteed to come back next year, the only question would then be if he is more valuable to the team playing, or being a trade chip.

    • Granderson is continuing to really stay locked in, especially against lefties.

      Other than that not much to be found, Romero has been a lock down pitcher all year.

        • Not to mention if you look in the free agency pool there is almost no one worth giving a starting contract too, let alone someone better than Swisher.

          Left fielders
          Pat Burrell (35)
          Jack Cust (33)
          Johnny Damon (37)
          Mark DeRosa (37)
          Jonny Gomes (31)
          Carlos Guillen (36)
          Scott Hairston (32)
          Willie Harris (34)
          Jeremy Hermida (28)
          Eric Hinske (34) – $1.5MM club option with a $100K buyout
          Raul Ibanez (40)
          Joe Inglett (34)
          Conor Jackson (30)
          Reed Johnson (35)
          Austin Kearns (32)
          Ryan Ludwick (33)
          Jason Michaels (36)
          Laynce Nix (31)
          Juan Pierre (34)
          Scott Podsednik (36)
          Juan Rivera (33)
          Matt Stairs (44)
          Marcus Thames (35)
          Josh Willingham (33)

          Center fielders
          Rick Ankiel (32)
          Carlos Beltran (35)
          Willie Bloomquist (34) – $1.1MM mutual option with a $150K buyout
          Mike Cameron (39)
          Coco Crisp (32)
          David DeJesus (32)
          Scott Hairston (32)
          Andruw Jones (35)
          Nate McLouth (30) – $10.65MM club option with a $1.25MM buyout
          Corey Patterson (32)
          Cody Ross (31)
          Grady Sizemore (29) – $8.5MM club option with a $500K buyout

          Right fielders
          Bobby Abreu (38) – $9MM club option with a $1MM buyout; vests with 433 PAs in 2011
          Lance Berkman (36)
          Willie Bloomquist (34) – $1.1MM mutual option with a $150K buyout
          Milton Bradley (34)
          Michael Cuddyer (33)
          David DeJesus (32)
          J.D. Drew (36)
          Jeff Francoeur (28) – $3MM mutual option
          Kosuke Fukudome (35)
          Willie Harris (34)
          Brad Hawpe (33)
          Jeremy Hermida (28)
          Joe Inglett (34)
          Austin Kearns (32)
          Jason Kubel (29)
          Ryan Ludwick (33)
          Xavier Nady (33)
          Magglio Ordonez (38)
          Cody Ross (31)
          Nick Swisher (31) – $10.25MM club option with a $1MM buyout
          Josh Willingham (33)

          Not a very strong outfield class at all.

          • Depending on what he wanted Kubel might not be a bad sign for RF, when you consider his power potential and that short right porch. He’s not a good defender at all, but it’s RF.

          • chris you are taking my pick ,that i pointed out to you last week, coming from you that is a compliment

          • I don’t remember that conversation, but yeah if you want Kubel it’s a good sign.

            However when you compare the two Kubel’s best season was a 27 WAR in 2009, Swisher has only had 2 seasons with a WAR lower than 3, his rookie year and his year with Chicago. In fact just with the Yankees Swisher has posted a 7.4 WAR over the last 2 seasons.

            I like Kubel for his potential, but he isn’t as proven a player as Swisher is. Not to mention Swisher would be a 1 year team option, while Kubel would be a multi-year contract.

            I’d rather take one year of Swisher than 3 or 4 years of Kubel.

        • I’ve always liked him, and I think he’s valuable, but he is streaky.

          • He’s streaky but who is better in that list of names? Jason Kubel is the only one I would even think of signing and putting in the RF. Possibly DeJesus, but he doesn’t carry much power at all, and he’s older than Swisher and Kubel.

        • how about the whole playoffs last year ..he killed us, and has not stopped.

          • You have to have someone to replace him in the lineup, you can’t just trot out Chris Dickerson everyday because you don’t like Swisher.

            Kubel is a possible replacement, but I imagine the Twins really want to keep him and he isn’t worth overpaying.

            No one on that list is obviously better than Swish, are you going to trade for a starting right fielder? Because then you would be trading away one of our pitching pieces for an offensive target, on a team that needs pitching.

  2. Does anyone else find themselves being more critical of CC’s starts this year? I guess with the looming 2-3 year extension it’s almost a feeling of needing to be even better to deserve it. Which I guess on one hand isn’t fair to him, but I guess you can’t be too unfair to a guy about to throw away a 90 million dollar contract for a 140-160 million dollar deal.

    • chris is he opts out and wants more years and money, i say so long CC.

      • Then you would be saying so long playoffs as well, the Yankees simply don’t have the luxury of doing that. Sabathia knows as well as anyone we can’t do that, which is exactly why he will opt out, and he will get a 6 or 7 year contract (2 or 3 year extension).

          • Well not exactly, Arod will be a Yankee until he is what 41? CC’s contract would be over at 37 if he signs the 7 year deal.

            I agree it’s too long a contract, and he has a huge chance of breaking down at that length. But he will be back, and he will sign a 6 or 7 year deal.

            We simply can’t afford not to re-sign him, and he’s in too good a position not to take advantage of it.

          • what i worry about is a heavy inning total for years before us this time and seven more after this year….it has been full playoffs.250 260 innings every year..would you say or more ,i didn’t is the same feelings i had about lee,you are right ,he has us by the what do call em..and you must groom from the minors a true #1.. tough call.but to have an average cc at 25mil per..

          • I’m going to take this to the bottom of the page… let me put the innings totals for his career together for a minute.

        • Starting pitchers
          Mark Buehrle (33)
          Chris Carpenter (37) – $15MM club option with a $1MM buyout
          Bruce Chen (35)
          Aaron Cook (33) – $11MM mutual option with a $500K buyout
          Kyle Davies (28)
          Ryan Dempster (35) – $14MM player option, no buyout
          Justin Duchscherer (34)
          Zach Duke (29) – $5.5MM club option with a $750K buyout
          Jeff Francis (30)
          Freddy Garcia (36)
          Jon Garland (32) – $8MM club option with a $500K buyout; vests with 190 IP
          Aaron Harang (34) – $5MM mutual option with a $500K buyout
          Rich Harden (30)
          Livan Hernandez (37)
          Edwin Jackson (28)
          Kenshin Kawakami (37)
          Scott Kazmir (28) – $13.5MM club option with a $2.5MM buyout
          Hiroki Kuroda (37)
          Rodrigo Lopez (36)
          Paul Maholm (30) – $9.75MM club option with a $750K buyout
          John Maine (31)
          Jason Marquis (33)
          Kevin Millwood (37)
          Sergio Mitre (31)
          Scott Olsen (28) – $4MM club option with a $100K buyout
          Roy Oswalt (34) – $16MM mutual option with a $2MM buyout
          Brad Penny (34)
          Oliver Perez (30)
          Joel Pineiro (33)
          C.C. Sabathia (31) – may opt out of remaining four years, $92MM
          Carlos Silva (33) – $12MM mutual option with a $2MM buyout
          Javier Vazquez (35)
          Adam Wainwright (30) – $10MM vesting option for ’12, $12MM for ’13
          Tim Wakefield (45)
          Chien-Ming Wang (32)
          Brandon Webb (33)
          Dontrelle Willis (30)
          C.J. Wilson (31)
          Chris Young (33)

          In a word… Nobody!

          • Wow. You could put together two or three historically bad rotations out of that group.

          • It’s an awful list full of too old, too unproven, and too bad.

            If you are CC you have to look at that and realize that you are far and away the best pitcher available, it would be almost stupid for him not to opt out in this situation.

            When he was a free agent last time he had Burnett, and a Lowe as the other 2 big name free agent pitchers. He wouldn’t even have a number 2 that close in this group.

            I will say this out of that group, if we don’t trade for him this season I would like to sign Edwin Jackson. Not as a replacement for CC, obviously, but he could be a very good 3-4 starter for us on a 2 or 3 year deal. He could be a rotation spot holder until we get Banuelos and Betances established.

  3. Romero really has the look of a young CC out there, obviously he isn’t as physically big, but the stuff is very similar. He seems to have a better understanding of the changeup at this age than CC did however, and CC threw a little bit harder when he first came up.

  4. Tying run on base. At least when they get the tying run on base, there are interesting at bats.

    • YEAH LIKE SITTING IN THE DENTIST CHAIR with out novacaine waiting to get a tooth pulled.

    • jeter is a house whole name, he is now famous for the ground ball to short on to second to first..

      • Not to be “that guy” but just for your future reference, it’s “household name”.

        • i meant it to be the whole house …world , whole everybody..but thanks chris, i told you last year i speak brooklynees

          • I still don’t get it… I guess the south is just too far away from Brooklyn to get the cross over.

          • no not really we have south brooklyn..where they speak a different version of english. you never been to bklyn chris?

          • I mean the dirty south hahaha

            I’ve never even been to New York. I’ve only ever called Texas, Georgia, Arizona, or Louisiana home. I’ve been on vacation to St. Louis, and California, but I’ve never actually made my way up north.

          • boy i give you a lot of credit being a yankee fan in those states..and bragging about it..move to florida, around tampa ..spring training, plenty of yankees fans..

          • Yeah I catch a lot of shit for it, but that’s part of the fun of being a Yankee fan… or at least you eventually embrace the fact everyone hates you haha.

            I love Texas, born here, and don’t want to leave here again.

  5. I really don’t understand Jeter DHing. He’s 8th out of 11 qualified SS in OPS. They don’t have anybody who can provide more offense from DH than him (and Posada)?

    • It’s a half day off, you keep his bat in the lineup and you add in Nunez’ defense. It’s the same principle as having Arod DH, only Arod has looked much improved in the field this year.

  6. If Cano gets on here, they’ll have the tying run on base again.

  7. He got a hit! Another interesting at bat coming up. And there are two outs, so no one can hit into a double play.

  8. If they can get through the top of the ninth without giving up any runs, all the at bats in the bottom of the 9th will be interesting.

  9. This team doesn’t score in the late innings, especially the 9th.

    Maybe Gardner can work a walk to start it off.

    • We scored all of our runs almost in the last games against the Mets in the 7th.

      Would you pinch hit Posada for Nunez in that situation?

  10. I probably would have, since Toronto wouldn’t bring in a lefty.

    • We need to win it and not tie it now, because we lose the DH going forward.

      • Not that you aren’t right, but I’d rather tie it than lose it here.

        • Who wouldn’t? Those weren’t the two options I gave. I am simply saying that we lose our DH and have to actually have pitchers hit from here on out., so it is less likely we can win after this inning.

  11. Oh my God! Just hearing the words “Posada’s going for two” almost brought on a heart attack.

    OK, two shots to get a single. (Piunch runner, I assume.)

    • It was never going to be close, the ball got too far away from Davis.

      I guess they could pinch run Dickerson but looks like they won’t.

  12. A run! A run! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    • This is why we need Granderson hitting 2nd, we lose so much of his potential in the lineup when he is forced down in the lower half of the lineup.

      • My man Posada and your man Granderson came through. Very satisfying.

        • It is very satisfying when players you have defended through hell and high water come through for all to see!

          Have to give a lot of props to Posada for being able to come up on his one at bat of the night!

          • hey chris..posada is like a broken clock, even it is right twice a day,,have patience he will be back to normal, and swisher is working his way into the .190s, he wants posada to have company. but tonight i am happy for all of us ,,yankee fanatics..and for georgie..he will sleep well also..boy did we need this win..and just for good measure tampa just blew the lead and the game..

          • I doubt Jorge will get back to “normal” because his normal is a close to hall of fame bat. However if he can hit righties a little more consistently he should be able to stick around all year, which at this point is all we need.

            I still worry about him though, because he seems to make solid contact one night, and then make only weak outs the next.

            Go Detroit! That’s a first…

            When you look at Swisher’s peripherals they don’t look bad. His BABIP is down to .264, but his Line Drive percentage is higher than it’s ever been. That siggests he has a lot of bad luck playing on him, since he is hitting the ball with authority.

  13. I recall a lot of us being called ‘sabergeeks’ when we tried to explain about babip and sample size.

    The BP got a much needed day off. great Job CC

    • Get back in your nerdery with the calculators! haha

      We still have to find some solution to a couple of long term holes but this has to go a long way to the mental well being of the clubhouse. Now everyone can shutup about how we don’t win without HRs, and we can’t get “clutch hits”… at least for a game or two ;).

  14. I think Granderson has a real shot at an MVP if he can continue to rake. Being the best, and most consistent player on the team throughout all these hard times should come up big in the voting.

  15. What a game… Plenty of peaks and valleys, but lets not forget Martin’s HR early that let us get to this point!

  16. 2001- regular season-180 innings/ 6 playoff innings
    2002- regular season-210 innings/ no playoffs
    2003- regular season-197 innings/ no playoffs
    2004- regular season-188 innings/ no playoffs
    2005- regular season-196 innings/ no playoffs
    2006- regular season-193 innings/ no playoffs
    2007- regular season-241/ 15.1 playoff innings
    2008- regular season-253/ 3.2 playoff innings
    2009- regular season-230/ 36.1 playoff innings
    2010- regular season-238/ 16 playoff innings

    That is a total of 2,203 total big league innings in 10 years, plus the 75 innings he has pitched this season. That is an average of 244 innings per year.

    • At the end of the day though, this same reason he may be a risk late in the contract is the reason we can’t let him leave. How can we find someone to pitch 240 innings for the next 4 or 5 years? Even if Banuelos becomes an ace his stature is going to keep some limits on what he can do, and for the first few years of his career it will place even more limits on him.

      Unless we trade for Felix Hernandez (which we won’t) we have no way of actually letting him leave without shooting ourselves in the foot. I have gone over every scenario I can in my head since before the beginning of the season, and I can’t find one that would let us let CC leave and still be a winning team. It would take at least 2 years of mediocre play to even get back to the point we are at right now, and we have a team of older veterans that need to win now before their window closes.

    • thanks for the 7 more thats 18 years ,back end at 25mil, 240 innings per.. he is 300 lbs plus, knees ,ankles, hips. all besides arm or elbow problems..only problem i see is sox free up about 40 mil plus end of season..may just sign him to block sox

      • I can’t see the Red Sox being players, they have 5 pitchers locked up at good money, they would have to transition Dice K to the pen just to pull it off.

        He’d likely go home to the Angels, with a possible play from Texas, since they offered Lee 6 years it would make sense they’d be in on Sabathia too.

        As I said signing CC to a deal that long isn’t something I would want to do, but it’s something we have no choice but to do. He should still be close to this CC for the next 4-5 years, it would be the last year or two you’d have to worry about. If you win another couple of rings you can probably deal with that.

        • If CC does play another 6-7 years he is a serious Hall of Fame candidate at that point… It’s a little off topic but when you look at his numbers he could reach 300 wins, if the Yankees look at that milestone anywhere near the home run record that could further incline them to sign him up.

        • all you think moreno goes hard for albert??that would lock him out of CC

          • Will he offer him something? Yes, is he going crazy and going to go for 30 million a year, no way in hell.

  17. Great game, and good conversation in this thread as well, well done. A satisfying comeback to be sure. It’s hard to imagine Swisher’s option not getting picked up unless he is this bad for the rest of the season, but that seems unlikely to me.

    • The main reason I would want to pick up Swisher’s option is because Delmon Young is a free agent in 2013 at the age of 27. Having Swisher for one more season and then giving Delmon a 3-4 year deal to take over make a lot more sense to me than paying a 29 year old Kubel to take over Swisher’s spot for a similar deal, a year early.

      Also Matt Kemp (28), BJ Upton (28), and Andre Either (31) are free agents in 2013 as well, so the free agent outfield crop is quite a bit better then than it will be in 2012.

      If we did sign Upton or Kemp we could even transition Granderson to a corner spot (he has a 13 million dollar option for 2013) depending on which player has the better defense at the time.

        • I’m not counting on that kid for anything as of right now, he is still very raw, and the holes in his swing will be exploited at the next level.

          Depending on how Kemp is playing he could be the most well worth it singing. Being only 28 he would be worth a 4 or 5 year deal, and he could transition to corner outfield easy with his power.

          Also even if Slade does make it to the bigs by then and solidifies himself, we could still end up needing one of these guys. Brett isn’t guaranteed to be around forever, and at this moment he is one of our better (and only) offensive trade chips that is MLB ready. If we end up trading Brett for a starter we could end up signing Kemp to an outfield spot, pick up Granderson’s option to play CF, and Slade could pick up the final corner outfield position.

          • A “true” RF’er usually isn’t that good at defense, the large arm is spot on, but normally you get stuck in right because you can’t play LF, or CF.

            Kemp would actually make a very solid right fielder. He would be somewhat like Justin Upton in right, only with better range.

            The only real requirement for right field is that you can hit 25+ home runs, other than that they come in all forms.

            I mean you wouldn’t consider Ichiro a typical rightfielder yet having him in his prime would be highly welcomed by any team.

            I actually think, if he reaches free agency, the Yankees will actually agressively pursue Kemp. Let’s not forget they once almost traded Cano for him. That wouldn’t have been smart, but adding a 28 year old outfielder who could play any of the three outfield positions with his bat, and speed is a dangerous addition. I would prefer him to play left, with Granderson’s option being picked up and playing center.