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8 thoughts on “Jeter as DH makes little sense

  1. "Of course, both of those scenarios involve taking Jeter out of the lineup altogether for a day, don’t they?"

    And that is bad thing how, exactly?

    I'd say that only a moron would DH Jeter, but someone would chime in about the unfairness to morons of that statement.

    • Heh.

      No harm no foul. I wrote this in a bit of a hurry before I left the house for a bit and didn't think to actually specify that Jeter was going to be the DH tonight. Though I think this is the 2nd or 3rd time Jeter has DH'd this year.

  2. The H in DH stands for "hitter" which Jeter is not much of anymore.

    (LOL reminds me of the story that Waldman tells about Torre when he got Girardi and let Mike Stanley go…Torre said "Suzyn, the position is called 'catcher.'"…well, to paraphrase: "Jeter, the position is called designated 'hitter.'")

  3. Oh, wow. I just thought you were throwing out another one of those ridiculous hypothetical situations. I had NO IDEA that Jeter is actually DH tonite.


  4. The potential beauty of this maneuver is Girardi is carrying only 1 infield backup so when Posada hit for Nunez tonight, he forfeited the DH if the game had gone extras which it would have had Tex not came through (I'm going out on a limb and assume Posada was not going to play SS and he was going to put Jeter in the field)

    I can understand doing this with ARod (as his bat is useful), but with other options on the bench it makes no sense with Jeter.

    If this is the plan going forward against lefties, they should cut Jones… there's no reason to platoon Granderson anymore, and I don't think there's reason to platoon Gardner either (his defense alone should keep him in the lineup every day).

    I liked the move to sign Jones in the offseason, especially as at the time it seemed either Gardner or Granderson would regularly sit against lefties, but right now there really is not a need for a 5th OF and they'd almost be better off with a guy like Pena (until Chavez comes back) – a guy who can pinch run late in games and play the field when Girardi does his ARod/Jeter DH game (and needs to hit for Nunez late in the game)

  5. Yankees front office and manager care more about Jeter's pride than winning games. It's really as simple as that.

  6. well – Jeter went 0-5, Nunez 1-3. Maybe let Nunez DH on Wednesday, Jeter play short. Or better yet, let Cano DH – get that concrete glove of his off the field.