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Born in Southwestern Ohio and currently residing on the Chesapeake Bay, Brien is a former editor-in-chief of IIATMS who now spends most of his time sitting on his deck watching his tomatoes ripen and consuming far more MLB Network programming than is safe for one's health or sanity.

2 thoughts on “The IIATMS morning update: 5/25/2011

  1. re Colon – if you're going to worry about A bad inning, CC and AJ should also be at the front of your mind. If its just the age and the body (and the threat of having the stem cells quit working) – go ahead; I'm with you.

    By all means – trumpet it from the rooftops, and please, flog it to death; even with Jeter being spectacularly non-Jeter this year, that is still a FAR better signing than Soriano. The ONLY good part is that the guys at the top can not possibly hold it against Cashman. With any luck, it will even give Cash leverage down the road.

    Here's hoping RS joins CC in exercising the opt-out after the season. I'm so sure he could do better on the open market. He deserves to be a closer again.

  2. Meh, I think walkoffs are fun. Especially come from behind in the 9th walkoffs. I'd imagine the quick turnaround from near defeat to sudden victory probably releases adrenaline or endorphins or something like that and is a real boost to the spirits, as it were. Add in the pies (which, strangely, I remember Posada getting pretty peeved about in 2009, so how much must Jorge be loving life right now?) and everything else that goes with it probably makes them a little bit more fun and puts everyone in a pretty good mood.

    Soriano's a relief pitcher who wasn't even pitching much during the worst stretch this season, so I really doubt he's got much to do with anything.