Woe Captain, my captain

Our fearful trip is no where near done.

I don’t want to pile on Derek Jeter; I really don’t. I guess I just can’t help it. My dad and I were making a comment about his first at bat after dinner last night and my mother bemoaned our bemoaning. I replied that he’s finally deserving of it and that if it was any other player, he’d’ve been batting ninth for a month now. My dad said, “If it was any other player, he wouldn’t be making $50M and be here for the next three years…”

A turnaround from Derek Jeter would make me incredibly happy. If he’s hitting, chances are the team is doing well. All off season, I said that I knew Derek Jeter would bounce back from his poor 2010. That year was so bad that it couldn’t possibly get worse. Well, it’s gotten worse.

After last night’s 0-5, Jeter’s line sits at .254/.303/.316/.619, which is almost .100 points worse, OPS wise, than 2010. His IsoP? Worse. His wOBA? Worse. wRC+? Worse. His strikeout rate is lower, which is good, but his walk rate is worse. He’s hitting fewer line drives and more grounders, as well as more infield fly balls. This is bad, you guys. Really bad. Super bad. Mega bad. Bogus, even.

Since that two homer game, after which a certain New York tabloid who shall remain nameless declared Jeter was back, Derek has hit a cool .214/.253/.257/.510 (!!!!!). It is beyond clear that Jeter needs to be moved out of the leadoff spot immediately. His at bats have become painful to watch, especially considering how great he’s been for his career. He’s way out in front of breaking stuff, causing him to roll over on everything. He’s way behind fastballs, causing him to straight up miss the ball or foul off pitches he would’ve hit for doubles down the line earlier in his career. It’s clear there’s a more-than-serious issue going on with Derek, but what should be done about it? I’m not a scout, nor am I a coach. I can’t pretend to prescribe a fix for Derek Jeter, but I know Kevin Long is working on it.

Last night on Twitter, William and I discussed possible solutions. I relayed a suggestion my dad had: Maybe Derek should use a lighter bat. That could help him get around on fastballs. William suggested Derek start employing a more guess-heavy approach at the plate. What do you guys think he should do?

What I’m worried about is the possibility that there IS no fix for this. Maybe there is no cure for old age. Maybe this is the end.

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9 thoughts on “Woe Captain, my captain

  1. We screwed the pooch in resigning him to this contract plain and simple. What he should have gotten was a 3 million dollar one year contract where he would be riding the pine most of the season with Jorge. This should have been his Yankees farewell year. Instead we have 3 more years of this nightmare to bare. I hope Joe has the balls to drop him in the order and soon. Come next year I hope he has the balls to sit him down and keep him there as a 15 mil bench player because let’s face it folks that is all he is. Maybe he can be a player/coach or some such thing at least that way he won’t be a total loss.

    • I would of settled for offering him arbitration. One year deal, then he’s gone after hit #3,000. Now, we can only hope he just retires out of embarrassment.

  2. Guessing is not as easy as you think. I was a guess hitter all through college. It’s a skill asking a guy who has been a non thinker, a reacter for 17 years to suddenly become a guesser is not a good idea

  3. I still think he’s injured or very sick. I mean, do you see the way he coughs every time he comes to the plate?!?

    /delusional yankee fans

  4. Also I would say that almost everyone of those of guys is better defensively than Jeter is, with more range, and that is the most important job of any SS.

    Also you can’t bat him 2nd, to take Granderson out of the 2 hole would be a great disservice to this lineup, he needs to drop to at least the 7 spot, if not lower.

    The only problem then becomes how do you deal with Gardner, Granderson, and Teixeira in the 1-3 spot. You become very vulnerable to lefty specialists, though I guess if Grandy continues smashing left handers that may not be as big a worry.

    I have seen quite a few media people suggest moving Granderson to leadoff and drop Jeter to the 2 hole, I couldn’t disagree more with that. You don’t take someone who is on pace for 54 home runs and make them leadoff, you would be completely changing his mindset. instead of trying to move runners over, hit for power, and drive guys in you would have him focusing on simply cutting the swing down and getting on base. I understand he has hit 30 leading off before, but it simply makes no sense to take him out of his comfort zone.

  5. Never did I say I expect him to do that Daler. Key word there was “hope”.

  6. Who’s a better SS than him in the AL right now? Just bat him 2 or 9 and live with it. Because they aren’t benching him. And they arent signing Reyes. And complaining about the contract is futile.

    • Current qualified AL SSs with a better wOBA than Derek Jeter (.279, today’s games not included):

      Brendan Ryan: .285
      Elvis Andrus: .318
      Yunel Escobar: .340
      Alexi Ramirez: .340
      Jed Lowrie: .348
      Erick Aybar: .358
      Maicer Izturis: .360
      Jhonny Peralta: .373
      Asdrubal Cabrera: .401

      Current AL SSs with a worse wOBA than Derek Jeter

      Cliff Pennington: .273
      Alcides Escobar: .239