Corner Infield/Catching Draft Prospects

The draft counter continues to wind down, with about 2 weeks to go. Here are the corner infield and catching prospects that SHOULD be available in the supplemental round. Rumors continue to come in and circulate and I’ll post anything concerning the Yankees. So here are some general names to get familiar with.


Travis Harrison, Tustin HS, CA – 3B

Projected for his plus hit and power tools, Harrison is one of the best California prep position players in the draft. His swing has some holes in it and his approach could use some refinement but that’s not uncommon for HS players. He has an average arm at 3B but his athleticism limits his upside. Certainly a potential 1B in the future. His commitment to USC makes him a costly sign, but he’s projected to land somewhere in the supplemental round.

Matt Dean, The Colony HS, TX – 3B

Dean is an attractive prep prospect as he can hit and play some defense. He has a quick swing with plenty of loft that produces good power and also makes plenty of contact. A HS shortstop, Dean has an above average arm but not enough speed to remain there. Depending on how big he gets (6’2”, 190 already) he may move to a corner outfield spot or 1B. Plenty of upside remains with Dean. Scouts also like his work ethic and makeup.

Jason Esposito, Vanderbilt – 3B

Esposito is the rare glove first 3B projected for an early selection. While he has some raw power, Esposito has a slow swing that limits his ability to make good contact. His swing has a big leg kick that may be the root of the problem. On defense though, he certainly stands out. With above average speed as well as a strong arm, he shows good instincts and good reaction speed. A team that thinks they can fix his stance and swing could pick him fairly early.

Aaron Westlake, Vanderbilt- 1B

Westlake is an advanced college bat, drafted by the Blue Jays in the 22nd round last year. He has a quick bat, present and future power and is a solid defender. Likely a quick mover, the 6’4” 230 pounder is a safe, solid prospect.

Dan Vogelbach, Fort Myers HS, FL – 1B

Vogelbach has big time power for a big man (6 ft, 250). With an advanced approach for a HS prospect, Vogelbach should be a hit first 1B with plus power. Not much of an athlete, he may be a future DH candidate.

Kevin Cron, Mountain Point HS, AZ – 1B

One of two Cron’s in this draft, Kevin is the younger and lesser brother but impressive none the less. Cron is a similar size to his older brother and possesses similar tools. Hitting for average and power is what he’s projected to do as a RH first baseman. Those are his only plus tools however as his poor speed and athleticism will likely confine him to 1B for his career. He’ll also be an expensive sign as it’s reported he wants 7 digits or he’ll wind up at TCU.


B.A. Vollmuth, Southern Mississippi – 3B

A SS right now, Vollmuth is being considered as a 3B and potentially corner outfielder because he’s a bit slow. Other than that, he’s got above average tools. With a loose and smooth swing that generates plenty of leverage, Vollmuth has good pop and hits for average as well. On defense he has an above average arm but as mentioned is a bit slow. He’s prone to striking out but refinements to his swing may alleviate some of those concerns.



Austin Hedges, Capistrano HS, CA

Hedges is a defensive standout as a catcher. Some scouts say he’s the best in a decade out of Southern California. He has plus defensive tools across the board. As a hitter though, he needs work. He has an aggressive approach but some think he’ll be an average hitter in the future with average power as well. His work ethic and makeup are also first rate. If a team thinks they can clean up his swing they should be willing to buy him away from UCLA.

Nick Delmonico, Farragut HS, TN

With a polished approach and plus power, Delmonico is a top prep bat as either a catcher or possibly 3B. He’s had a disappointing senior year which has caused his stock to drop a bit. However he comes from a baseball family and has a track record of success. At 6’3”, 215, he may wind up too big for the position. Right now though he has a strong enough arm and solid receiving skills. A lot of his value is tied up in where he’ll play on the field. He has a Georgia commitment and will command a lot of money in the draft. A team selecting him will be projecting on his ability to catch and believe in his tools over the production.

Pratt Maynard, North Carolina State

An advanced college prospect, Maynard does everything well but nothing elite. Scouts remain convinced he’ll be able to catch at the pro level and they also like his swing. He has a quick line drive stroke that produces plenty of doubles which may turn into above average power. His approach is solid, his pitch selection good and plate discipline above average. The only chink in his armor is his release as a catcher- with a smoother exchange to 2nd, his arm strength should turn into a plus tool.


2 thoughts on “Corner Infield/Catching Draft Prospects

  1. Sean, of the prospects you just listed. Should any or all of them be available when the Yankees pick comes. Can you see the Yankees pulling the trigger on one of them. If one of these then who?

  2. I did a post on the rumors surrounding the Yankees so far which you can find here.

    Honestly from what it sounds like, I’m not sure if they would pick one of these guys. They’re again rumored in on prep athletes with a lot of upside. Kevin Cron or Travis Harrison would probably be the most likely, but that’s just a guess.