Game Thread | Game 49 | Yankees vs. Mariners | Friday, May 27, 2011

Did you know the Yankees are only 1-5 in Friday games thus far in 2011? Obviously that’s incredibly random and will eventually even out, but it’s certainly made the start of the weekends a bit more anxiety-inducing than they might otherwise have been during the first two months of the season.

I’m going to borrow from my Series Preview from this morning and re-post the “Hot and Cold” players here for your convenience:

Here’s who’s hot coming into this series (per wOBA over the last 14 days):

Russell Martin – .421 (What a beast)
Alex Rodriguez – .418 (Seems to be doing it mostly with singles, but as long as he’s getting on base I won’t complain)
Curtis Granderson – .413 (The man)
Jorge Posada – .385 (Surprise!)

Brendan Ryan – .493 (Honestly, I don’t even know who this is)
Miguel Olivo – .430 (I feel like Olivo is another in a long line of scrub catchers who inexplicably demolish Yankee pitching)
Adam Kennedy – .382 (What?)

And here’s who’s been cold:

Nick Swisher – .253 (He needs to stop appearing on the “cold” list)
Derek Jeter – .264 (Ditto)
Robinson Cano – .300 (Seems to be slowly coming out of his latest funk)

Chone Figgins – .118 (Compiled over 53 PAs, talk about ice-cold)
Michael Saunders – .139
Ichiro Suzuki – .187 (Doesn’t matter; he’s bound to come up with a timely hit or two against the Yanks)

The Yankee offense as a whole has been the second-best in the AL over the last two weeks (.340 wOBA, though way behind Boston’s absurd .381 during that time period), while the Mariners have been even worse than they are on the season, hitting at a .277 wOBA clip.

Unfortunately for the Yankees, the Mariners’ pitching staff has been lights-out during the last two weeks, posting a 1.80 ERA/2.84 FIP/3.14 xFIP as a unit (1.55/2.50/2.95 from the starters; 2.78/4.14/3.90 from the bullpen); while the Yankees have managed a 3.78/3.98/3.87 aggregate line (4.43/4.23/3.81 by the starters; 2.38/3.43/4.01 by the bullpen).

Clearly, run-scoring is going to be at a premium this weekend at Safeco Field. That’s not to say that the Yankees can’t score runs and take this series, but going against two of the best pitchers in the American League along with one of the top-performing bullpens of late could make this a very tough series.

117 thoughts on “Game Thread | Game 49 | Yankees vs. Mariners | Friday, May 27, 2011

  1. lets hope for a new start out here..swisher and posada back to back tonight.. anything other than oh fer looking up..until one of them turns it aroung i would never have them in the same lineup

  2. Ichiro looks like this is the season he is finally starting to show some age. Career lows pretty much across the board.

  3. Smoak has been an RBI machine early on this season, his numbers have dropped some since pitchers can pretty much focus on only him but he’s got a lot of talent. Very talented switch hitter.

  4. Very slick move by Martin! He threw that glove up high to indicate strikeout fastball and had AJ throw the curve. That’s a veteran catcher for you!

  5. It’s such a nice added bonus having a catcher actually worth his salt on the base paths. Right now in fact Martin is on pace for a 20-10 season.

  6. Good job of letting the young guy work his own way into trouble so far. You go up hacking at someone with this kind of stuff and you can put yourself in a hole before you even see what he has.

  7. Phil is so focused on his velocity, he still hasn’t learned that location is 10x as important.

  8. Kimberly Jones gets more beautiful with age. Those eyes, that hair. Real woman beautiful!

    David Robertson and his wife Erin are doing a wonderful thing with their website to benefit the victims of the tornados Jones mentioned called, but they need to set up a PayPal button for instant donations. The website has been “under construction” for the last few days. Time for whoever is running that site to get on the ball so people can donate online which would mean a ton more money raised.

  9. pen will get four innings this pace, same for seattle

  10. Curtis batting behind Gardner would be a great way to start every game.

    Ichiro needs to hit 315 to be a good offensive player-no walks and no power. He’s still fun to watch in RF, tho’.

  11. Not a good matchup tonight for Posada with a pitcher who has one of the best fastballs in baseball. However he isn’t a very good matchup for anyone, let alone the bench we have to replace Jorge in the lineup.

  12. Chris with all posada’s pride when does he see himself as done and says i quit..

  13. If you’d have told me a run would score on a wild pitch in this game, I wouldn’t have been surprised, but I’d have bet it would be with Burnett pitching.

  14. ichiro GETTING OLD? 59 hits this year..4th in the AL.SOMEBODY NEEDS TO TELL HIM

  15. “thanks for the stats, interesting..if you needed to drive in a run today..ichiro..or jeter..swisher posada gardner..”

    Can I pick none of the above haha. If my life depended on needing a hit with 2 outs I’d take Gardner, he’s by far and away the hottest. Hitting .317 over the last 15 days, but if I needed someone to get a sac fly… I’d either go with Swisher or Gardner, and probably still leading towards Gardner because he is hotter. Swisher has shown an ability to drive the ball this year, hitting more line drives than ever before. According to all his peripheral numbers he should be doing better than he is.

  16. As most of you know, I like Joe Girardi’s bullpen management, generally. He’s good at keeping workloads down (kind of, maybe not so much this year), but his insistence on defined roles–and stupidly defined roles at that–is ridiculous. Taking out Burnett wasn’t a bad idea, but putting Ayala in after Logan was. Robertson needs to be pitching there, not a low strikeout guy. Annoying.

  17. I don’t know about you guys but I can’t hear the last name “Wright” without thinking of Jarrett Wright, thanks a lot Jamey.

  18. With Aardsma on the DL if we get to the 9th down we will probably see Brandon League close out the game.

    Can anyone believe that the Mariners traded Brandon Morrow for Brandon League straight up? I really wish we had thrown Joba at the Mariners.

  19. Nunez seems to get a bit ahead of himself sometimes, overlooking the little details.

  20. League has a great split to go along with some real heat, he gives up runs though.