Game 50-King of the Bronx

Felix Hernandez may play in Seattle, but for all intents and purposes he owns the property on River Ave and 161st street lock, stock and barrel. Check out this stat from New York Daily News Yankee beat writer Mark Feinsand:

Felix Hernandez has won his last 4 starts against the Yankees (9/18/09-8/20/10), going 4-0 with a 0.51 ERA (2 ER, 35 IP) during the stretch.

Ouch. We all know he’s dominated the Yanks in recent years, but two measly runs over 4 games is off the charts. Ivan Nova better bring his A-game, or this one could be a real snoozer. Here’s our sacrificial offering (aka kineup) to the king, in the hope he shows mercy upon us and makes our execution quick and painless-

Derek Jeter SS
Curtis Granderson CF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Robinson Cano 2B
Russell Martin C
Jorge Posada DH
Nick Swisher RF
Brett Gardner LF

Oh, one more thing I forgot to mention…..GO YANKS!!!!

0 thoughts on “Game 50-King of the Bronx

  1. Mo’s the man so I’ll tip my hat to his game plan, but I wouldn’t have let Cust extend his arms in that at bat. I think he was shooting for a cutter off the end of the bat for a possible double play, but with his power I would have stayed inside.

  2. Once again Mariano can’t hold a tie.

    He’s now blown four games this year and we’re not even at the third of the way point, so he’s on pace to blow more than a dozen games total.

    He’s done as a dominant force. Let next year be his last and let the 2012 Yankees have a closer by committee of Rivera and either Soriano if he doesn’t opt out or Robertson. Mo can still be the all-time saves leader if he doesn’t blow enough chances to collect one out of th 20-25 chances tops he should get next year.

    Another horrible loss I blame mostly on the offense. Way to go scoring one run without the homerun and posting another sub-5 run night, Stinkees. Any moron who wants to say “What’s wrong with hitting lots of homeruns?” ummmmm, you’re not hitting many against the elite pitching teams in the postseason. If this Yankees team even makes the postseason with all the games they’ve lost despite getting good or better pitching.