Weekend Round-Up – 5/29/2011

Tales from the Sweet Spot Mother Ship:

Tales from around the Sweet Spot Network:

  • The Platoon Advantage (MLB) – I his inaugural piece, Mark reminds us that even Greg Maddux had off nights; Bill explains why the Diamondbacks still stink; and the Common Man gives his take on John Harper’s hypocrisy.  Special congrats to my co-writer Mark at IIATMS for becoming the second blogger to write for two Sweet Spot blogs simultaneously, after yours truly.  I say simultaneously because TCM also used to write for IIAMTS as well, but that was before he started up TPA.  (I think…)
  • Crashburn Alley (Phillies) – Bill Baer measures Chase Ultey’s impact.
  • The Ray Area (Rays) – Mark shares his thoughts about the Rays staff “pitching backwards.”
  • Nick’s Twin Blog (Twins) – The Kevin Slowey situation in the twin cities is getting a little hairy.  Nick provides his rational viewpoint on the subject.
  • Capital Avenue Club (Braves) – In the wake of Buster Posey’s brutal injury, Ben Durino explains the importance of having a good backup catcher.
  • Fungoes (Cardinals) Walks aren’t sexy, but they’re a big reason why Colby Rasmus is such a great player.
  • Royals Authority (Royals) – Craig Brown says Joakim Soria is broken.  Based on the stats, it’s hard to see it any other way.
  • Bay City Ball (Giants) – Rory Paap holds a vigil for Buster Posey.  It’s a crappy time for Giants fans right ow.
  • Dodger Thoughts (Dodgers) – Dodger Thoughts starts looking forward to 2012—on the hypothetical assumption they can’t turn it around, of course.
  • Camden Depot (Orioles) – Jon Shepherd argues the merits of a bone crunching play.
  • It’s Pronounced “Lajaway” (Indians) – Stephanie Liscio marvels at the tear Asdrubal Cabrera’s been on.
  • Daily Fungo (Tigers) – No update.
  • Baseballin’ on a Budget (Athletics) – Holy crap the A’s infield has been bad this season.  Dan Hennessey explains.
  • Pro Ball NW (Mariners) – Rick Randall wonders what Michael Saunders role is now that Franklin Gutierrez has returned from the DL.
  • Baseball Time in Arlington (Rangers) – Alex Ogando is probably the luckiest pitcher alive—for now anyway.  Joey explains.
  • Ghostrunner on First (Blue Jays)Does defense matter?  Yes.  Yes, it does.
  • View from the Bleachers (Cubs) – Joe Aiello shares his sports bucket list.
  • Redleg Nation (Reds) – May’s been a strange month for the Reds and their fans.  By the way, Paul Janish has been atrocious at the plate this month.
  • Austin’s Astros 290 Blog (Astros) – Austin rants about Brad Mills starting Carlos Lee at first over Brett Wallace against lefties.  I have to admit, I’m as perplexed as he is.
  • Disciples of Uecker (Brewers) – Jack Moore explains how the Brewers one run win over the Nationals proves they can contend for the playoffs.
  • Blake Street Bulletin (Rockies) – Rich Kurtzman chronicles the return of Carlos Gonzalez’s bat.
  • Mets Today (Mets) – Perhaps you heard about this…the Wilpons get a life preserver.
  • Ducksnorts (Padres) – The Padres are playing a game of musical outfielders after optioning Will Venable to AAA.
  • Nationals Baseball (Nationals) – Harper’s right…waiting is the hardest part.
  • Snakes on Jefferson (Diamondbacks) – Tyler explains why the D’Backs improved bullpen is the key to their turnaround.

Tales from around the Baseball Blogosphere:

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