Colon has proven doubters wrong

2 thoughts on “Colon has proven doubters wrong

  1. jay_robertson

    Dude – love him. Butt of everyone's doughnut and KFC jokes throughout spring training, yet here he is entering June as our solid #2 pitcher. And pushing our ace, afaic.

    Time to start the speculation (its never too early in Yankee-land) – whatcha reckon – at the end of the season he hires Boras and the Yankees end up signing him to 5 years at $25 mil per year? We'll have the money, after CC opts-out. And right now – it looks like Colon will have numbers comparable to CC.

    • BrienJackson

      Nah, he re-ups with the Yankees for $2 million, a complimentary stem cell injection, and an unlimited expense account to spend on pizza and fried chicken.

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