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3 thoughts on “Law on Montero: He’s pressing

  1. If they bring him up past the Super-2 deadline, which is widely regarded as "likely" no?, then he'll theoretically have a non-pressure situation and all of the time in the world to work with Kevin Long directly, neither of which is a bad thing, is it?

    Also starting to get him used to a couple of infield positons may not be the worst plan in the world if there is concern of his catching…

    • I've seen nothing to indicate there's any plan to bring him up any time soon. Frankly, I'm not sure where he plays with Posada still on the roster. If Posada takes a turn for the worse and they cut bait with him Montero could come up as a DH, but until then there's not really any place for him to get regular playing time.

      • The Randy Winn Memorial DFA Candidate is still there. ;) I could see either attempting to trade Jones (yeah, right) or simply DFAing him and giving the younger kids a shot (like Dickerson) for the 4th OF spot. I don't view that as LIKELY, given the "play it safe" mentality as mentioned before but it's a possibility.