The Farm Report: 6/30/11 – Beware of Errors!

It was a mixed bag for the Yankees’ farm teams today.   Overall, there was a fair amount of offense (except in Charleston…), but errors in the field hurt the lower level teams.

Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees drops third straight to Norfolk Tides 7-3:

Scranton leapt out to an early lead when Jesus Montero led off the second inning with a solo homer, followed by a triple by Mike Lamb who scored on a single by Brandon Laird.  Scranton hurler Adam Warren struggled in the bottom of the third, giving up a lead off single before issuing a walk and hitting Jake Fox with a pitch.  A singly by Brandon Snyder was followed by a double by Ryan Adams and Norfolk took a 4-2 lead.  Andrew Brackman’s struggles continued when he relieved Warren in the bottom of the sixth and gave up a two-run homer to Matt Angle.  Lamb hit a solo shot in the top of the seventh, but Norfolk got the run back in the bottom of the inning as the Yankees took a 7-3 loss and will look to avoid the sweep tomorrow.

General Notes:

  • Jesus Montero (C), Jorge Vazquez (1B) and Kevin Whelan (CP) were all elected to the International League All-Star team today.
  • Moving to the bullpen has done little for Andrew Brackman whose ERA is up to 7.91 now.  He’s given up 49 walks and struck out 51 this season.

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TYA Open Thread, Thursday June 30, 2011

Everything is right in Yankee land tonight. The Bombers are in first. Mark Teixeira leads baseball in home runs. CC Sabathia is still CC Sabathia. Bartolo Colon and Phil Hughes are coming back soon. Derek Jeter is set to resume pursuing a career milestone in grounding into double plays hits sometime next week. If there is anything bad in Yankee land, anything at all, it would be that there is no game tonight! Enjoy the open thread.

Yankees Sweep Brewers, Win 5-0

  It all came together this afternoon for the Yankees, as they defeated the Brewers 5-0, swept the series and actually survived by playing Cervelli/Pena/Nunez at the same time, again. It was a big day. CC Sabathia was rightfully the star, matching his career high 13 strikeouts over a dazzling 7.2 innings. He picked up his 11th win this year, currently the best in the majors.  Mark Teixeira hit his MLB leading 25th homerun which also happened to be the 300th of his career. The Yankees have now won 5 straight games for the first time all year. Ramiro Pena Continue reading Yankees Sweep Brewers, Win 5-0

Negotiating With The Big Sleep

C.C. Sabathia wrote a little love letter to the Milwaukee Brewers this afternoon.  He got a little nostalgic.  Remember when I came to Milwaukee in 2008, he said.  Remember when I threw three consecutive complete games and went 4-0 during my first month in a Brewers uniform.  Remember how I posted a 1.65 ERA in 17 starts against NL teams.  Remember how I threw five straight games on three days rest, including a complete-game shutout which clinched your first postseason appearance in nearly two decades.

Yes, I remember, said the white-hot Prince Fielder as he struck out on three consecutive sliders with the bases loaded in the third inning.

Yes, I remember, said Rickie Weeks, the likely All-Star starter, each of the three times he went down swinging.

Yes, I remember, said Corey Hart, as he became The Big Sleep’s eleventh victim at the end of the sixth.

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Yankees vs. Brewers: Sweep City

YANKEES Brett Gardner CF Nick Swisher RF Mark Teixeira 1B Robinson Cano 2B Jorge Posada DH Andruw Jones LF Eduardo Nunez SS Francisco Cervelli C Ramiro Pena 3B LHP CC Sabathia   BREWERS Rickie Weeks 2B Carlos Gomez CF Ryan Braun LF Prince Fielder DH Corey Hart RF Casey McGehee 3B Mat Gamel 1B Yuniesky Betancourt SS George Kottaras C LHP Randy Wolf MLB Network/ YES Network   Despite the usual, afternoon game without Jeter lineup, the Yankees are looking to sweep the Brewers today to improve to 48-31. The Yankees are currently 2.5 games ahead of the Red Sox. Meanwhile, Continue reading Yankees vs. Brewers: Sweep City

Derek Jeter is better than Eduardo Nunez

I get accused of hating Derek Jeter a lot. I don’t really think it’s a fair assessment because, well, I don’t hate Derek Jeter. Sure, I can be pretty critical of decisions pertaining to Jeter that are made, but I think that’s an entirely different matter than whether or not I like Derek Jeter, all else being equal. Anyway, the next time you think I’m being too hard on the ‘ole Captain, remember this Steve Goldman post at Pinstriped Bible:

In any case, it seems to me that Jeter’s impact on the 2011 race, the impact of his chase for 3000 on Joe Girardi’s decisions, and his impact on the future of the franchise given his everlasting gobstopper of a contract is THE story this year, and it’s what I’m interested in more than anything else. Paraphrasing Abraham Lincoln, Jeter, in how the rest of his season plays out, shall nobly save or meanly lose the 2011 pennant. And then 2012 as well. Also, 2013.

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With Colon and Hughes due back, what of the rotation?

Bartolo Colon could start on Saturday. Phil Hughes may not need another rehab start, per Brian Cashman. If they both come back soon, the Yankees could be left with “too much pitching”, at least in terms of the rotation. They would have those two to go along with CC Sabathia, A.J. Burnett, Freddy Garcia and Ivan Nova. So, unless the Yankees want to go to a six man rotation (which would be stupid), they’re going to have to boot someone from the rotation. Obviously, Sabathia and Burnett aren’t going anywhere. Colon has most definitely pitched well enough to stay in Continue reading With Colon and Hughes due back, what of the rotation?

Yankees pummel Brewers 5-2; prepare brooms

Since getting swept by Boston earlier this month, NY has come back with a vengeance and the National League has had to deal with it — they’ve won their last six series and have gone 14-4 in the process. It’s no wonder they lead the American League with a 46-31 record and trail only the Philadelphia Phillies in terms of the best record in all of Major League Baseball. Last night was no different as the Yankees once again proved to be the superior team. Let’s break it down. In terms of pitching, “good” A.J. definitely showed up. He worked Continue reading Yankees pummel Brewers 5-2; prepare brooms

Game 78: Brewers 2, Yankees 5

The Yankees took their sixth series in a row as they beat the Brewers 5-2 last night. They’ve won all five interleague series now, and against some pretty good opponents. This one got off to a bit of a slow start, as AJ Burnett walked Nyjer Morgan right before Ryan Braun was due up. Morgan stole second, and Braun promptly hit an RBI single to put the Brewers up 1-0 early. The dangerous Prince Fielder then hit into a double play to end the inning. Continue reading Game 78: Brewers 2, Yankees 5