A Quick Look at Dante Bichette, Jr.

At twelve years old, Bichette, Jr was making headlines in the 2005 Little League World Series, and he has not slowed down since.  Interestingly, Bichette could easily have chosen another sport for his future, but it is not football or basketball like you might typically expect.  Instead, it was tennis that seemed to be Bichette’s calling.  At fourteen he was ranked in the top 100 for 18 and under in the United States Tennis Association. Still, his first love was baseball and he chose to pursue it instead.

Bichette comes out of Orangewood Christian High School in Florida, where he has played shortstop and third.  He has been named All-Central Florida Player of the Year twice now and had ten homers and 40 RBIs this season.  He hits for average, but has more power than his father.  Bichette’s got great bat speed, but his mechanics will need to be adjusted.  He appears to have learned some of his father’s hitting techniques.  Defensively, analysts have said he is unlikely to stick at short and will end up either at third or in the outfield.  This is primarily due to Bichette’s lack of range, he has a solid and accurate throwing arm.

As Bichette flew under a lot of radars, there is not a ton of information on him, though I am sure there will be more in the morning.  This does seem similar to last year’s Cito Culver pick, as the Yankees appear to have taken a kid far earlier than he was projected, but there are some things to like about him.  By all accounts he has a solid work ethic and even has a leg up on some kids, knowing what professional baseball can be like.  Bichette has some strong tools, but he is young and is not a player you will be seeing in the Bronx anytime soon.



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