MLB 2011 Rule 4 Draft: Day 2 (Updated)

(12:11) And just like that, Pittsburgh takes Josh Bell with the 61st pick. Bell is the best high school hitter in the draft with a ton of upside. He’s a legitimate first round talent, but he’s also committed to Texas and sent a letter around before the draft advising teams not to draft him. That’s not to say he can’t be talked into signing by any means, but he may well be set on going to college. Still, a good upside pick for the Pirates, and I’m still a little disappointed the Yankees didn’t take a chance on trying to persuade him to take the money and run. (Brien)

(12:18) And there goes Dillon Howard a RHP from Arkansas who was also closely linked with the Yankees.  The Cleveland Indians take him with the 67th pick.  I thought he was going to be the Yankees pick last night. (Tamar)

(12:28) The Blue Jays take Daniel Norris, a high school LHP from Tennessee.  If the Blue Jays can sign their picks so far, they are having a good draft. (Tamar)

(12:37) The Red Sox just took Williams Jerez, a Dominican outfielder who played for “Hank’s Yanks.”  There are questions about the accuracy of his age.  If he’s as young as he claims, he’s got some good raw skills. (Tamar)

(12:44) With their second round pick, the Yankees take Sam Stafford, a LHP from the University of Texas.  There seems to be question with his consistency, but he has good potential. (Tamar)

(12:50) Interesting choice with Stafford. The scouting report on him is that he’s a hard thrower who struggles with his control, so I assume the Yankees are hoping a mechanical fix can help him with that. He’s a left-handed pitcher from a major college program, so I assume they’ve seen a lot of him. (Brien)

(1:12) In the third round, Boston takes Jordan Weems, a catcher from Georgia.  I wonder how fast they can get these catchers ready? His older brother Chase, was a catcher drafted by the Yankees back in the sixth round of the 2007 Draft.  He’s now catching in A+ ball for Cincinnati.(Tamar)

(1:22) The Yankees take Jordan Cote with their third round pick.  Cote is a big (6’5) RHP from Winnisquam Regional High School in New Hampshire.  Since I live in the Granite State, I am intrigued by this pick.  Cote has gotten a lot of press in northern New England, delivering Winnisquam with their first Class M Championship and pitching a no-hitter in the finals.  There are a lot of unknowns with, particularly since he is coming from a cold weather state (I can tell you from personal experience, the high school baseball season in NH is incredibly short).  He has made a verbal commitment to Coastal Carolina University, but it shouldn’t be hard to sign him as this ESPN Boston article states that his preference is to go pro. I’m sure the Yankees will be able to find the money to convince him to forget about CCU. (Tamar)

(2:01) In the fourth round, the Yankees stay local, taking New Rochelle native Matthew Duran.  He is a corner infielder who is committed to Fordham University. (Tamar)

(2:35) Fifth round pick lands the Yankees Gregory Bird, a catcher from Grandview, Colorado, as New York continues to stockpile backstops. Bird has a nice, easy swing and hits for some power.  He’s got a decent arm, but he could be on the big side and may not stick at catcher (sound familiar?).  (Tamar)

(2:59) As the sixth round is underway the picks start coming much quicker.  The Yankees take Jake Cave, a high school centerfielder from Virginia. (Tamar)

(3:09) The Yankees take Austin Jones, a first baseman from Washington in the seventh round.

(3:19) In the eighth, New York takes Philip Wetherell, a RHP from Western Kentucky University.

(3:39) The first ten rounds are finished.  With the 299th pick, the Yankees took RHP Zachary Arnesen from Lewis and Clark State.  In the tenth round, New York took Jonathan Gray, a RHP from Eastern Oklahoma State Junior College.  We are going to call it a day for now.  After they finish rounds 11-30 I will post a list of the Yankees picks at the end of this post. (Tamar)

(9:03) In case you want to take a break from watching the current Yankees get beat up on by the Red Sox and think about the Yankees of the future, here are the Yankees picks from Rounds 11-30:

11: Mark Montgomery, RHP, Longwood University (VA), 08.30.90
12: Cody Grice, CF, Grand Valley State University (MI), 1.19.90
13: Justin Jones, LF, Scramento Community College (CA), 11.24.90
14: William Davis, RHP, Dixon HS (NC), 4.29.93
15: Tyler Molinaro, RF, Pitt Community College (VA), 9.16.90
16: Branden Pinder, RHP, Cal State – Long Beach (CA), 1.26.89
17: Mathew Troupe, RHP, Chaminade Prep HS (CA), 9.15.92
18: Hayden Sharp, RHP, Morris HS (OK), 10.30.92
19: Robert (Ben) Paullus, RHP, Memphis (MS), 8.31.89
20: Daniel Camarena, LHP, Cathedral Catholic HS (CA), 11.9.92
21: Zach Wilson, 3B, Arizona State (CA), 8.6.90
22: Nick Goody, RHP, State College of Florida Manatee-Sarasota (FL), 7.6.91
23: Corey Maines, RHP, Illinois State (TX), 10.16.88
24: Matthew Tracy, LHP, Ole Miss (MO), 11.26.88
25: Adam Smith, RHP, Texas A&M (TX), 12.15.89
26: Jordan Foley, RHP, The Colony HS (TX), 7.12.93
27: Chaz Hebert, LHP, Breaux Bridge HS (LA), 9.4.92
28: Josean Lazaro, RHP, North Broward Prep HS (PR), 12.11.92
29: Scott Hoffman, RHP, Desert Ridge HS (AZ), 9.21.93
30: John Brebbia, RHP, Elon University (MA), 5.30.90

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