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6 thoughts on “An observation

  1. Keep in mind Cervelli's and Montero's ability to block pitches in the dirt. Montero has a reputation for allowing a lot of passed balls. CC, AJ, Garcia, throw a goodly number of 57 foot pitches. Just saying.

  2. Passballs would be my concern…but the Yankees could certainly avoid catching Montero with AJ or Garcia. He would seem to be a good "personal catcher" for Colon… good control, mostly fastballs (so game calling needs are limited) and Colon is quick to the plate The other guy could be Nova… while he's wild, he's not wild low all the time.

    Cervelli has also regressed with stuff in the dirt as he reaches a lot more than he used to (as opposed to shifting and getting in front of it), while I'm guessing he's better than Montero, this isn't an area where he excels at either.

    At a minimum they need to bring up GMolina… Even if he ends up hitting 100points lower than Cervelli you are talking about a backup catcher so sacrificing ~1 hit every 3 games might be 3 hits a month… that net gain from Cervelli is not worth the defensive downgrade. And in a tight game you could roll the dice and pinch hit for him and play Martin (and still have Posada as an emergency catcher)

  3. Shh, don't tell anyone! We want to use out vaunted, though overrated "depth" at catcher in trades…this means you, Cervelli and Romine!