Red Sox win six straight at Yankee Stadium for first time ever

RAB’s Hannah volunteered to write this recap, but I realized this morning that I never mentioned what time we’d need it, and as she’s on the west coast, I’m going to go ahead and toss this quickie up on the Yankees’ 8-3 loss to the Red Sox for now.

Given that I knew I had coverage, and the fact that I’ve just been monumentally exhausted this week, I decided to hit the sack with the Yanks up 2-0 in the 5th. While two runs is obviously nowhere even close to a comfortable lead against the Red Sox ever, I felt reasonably good about CC Sabathia getting the team a much needed win.

Apparently it all unraveled in the 7th inning, as the Red Sox erupted for seven runs. I won’t go into the gory details, since I didn’t see them and you almost certainly don’t want to relive them, but CC must have completely fallen apart, as he gave up six hits and six runs. Considering the way he appeared to be cruising along, this is a rather shocking turn of events.

What is less shocking is that the Yankee offense once again completely vanished after taking an early lead in the first inning on a Curtis Granderson two-run shot. These runs represented the first time the Yankees scored on Josh Beckett all season, and it looked as though they might be able to capitalize on Beckett’s wild first few innings, but to no avail.

And so the Red Sox made history last night, winning six straight games at Yankee Stadium for the first time in history. Per our own William, prior to 1919 the Sox had won a greater number of consecutive games against the Yankees at home, but they had never done so at any structure called Yankee Stadium. That also dropped the Yankees to 1-8 against the Red Sox on the season, and also marked the second straight sweep of the Yankees by the Red Sox at home — made even more bitter by the fact that prior to Red Sox’s last sweep at the Stadium the team had yet to be swept in YSIII at all.

While this is about as frustrating as it gets fan-wise, it’s critical to remember there’s still a ton of season left. Of course, every game counts equally, and it’s not as if the losses don’t count, but at times like these it’s important to try to keep things in perspective. That being said, I certainly wouldn’t begrudge anyone of being annoyed at the way the Yankees didn’t show up to play this week in the process of getting their asses handed to them in three straight games by their archrivals.

That Boston failed to score fewer than six runs in all three games is a massive failing on the part of the pitching staff, and while I love CC Sabathia, (a) I don’t know what happened to him last night, and (b) he’s now been outdueled by Beckett the last three times they’ve clashed. I think William may have put it best on Twitter last night: “In big picture, being 2 out in June means nothing, but certain battles in the war have added meaning. Two sweeps at home by rival is bitter.”

Indeed, and especially when they’re of the historic kind. Hopefully the Yankees can get back on track against the Indians this weekend.

12 thoughts on “Red Sox win six straight at Yankee Stadium for first time ever

  1. The Yankee hitters are absolutely APATHETIC at times. I know he went 2-for-4 last night, but Posada hit a grounder in the 6th and stood in the batter’s box and watched the 1B pick it up and step on the bag.

    I know, it was basically a sure out, but the guy is getting paid $13 million to play. I pay several thousand dollars a year for my tickets – I’ll watch the ball – you run!

    • that’s correct..but he is what the yanks are this year, how about when he get a hit he becomes mickey rivers, gets thrown out by 20 feet. this guy is a non major league ball player..along with several other starters..24mil between posada and swisher to hit .220…two roster spots..there is zero future in these is not a rookie you are grooming going through growing pains..they are done …and if they stay on this roster the season will be long and painful, and as of right now after another abusing at home we are done. by the way it is nice to see someone on this site that sees posada as done as a player..

      • And both of them are better than Jeter, he of the .654 OPS, fifth lowest in the American League for players with 250 or more at bats. Transitioning a team is not easy.

        • I agree it’s not easy – but, from where I’m sitting, Jeter’s problems don’t stem from attitude.

          Posada frequently shows little effort on the bases, and now that his “big bat” has been missing, he’s all but worthless. He argues with more umps than any other catcher I’ve ever seen, and is absolutely and utterly apathetic when it comes to hustling. I know I’ve said this before, but I’ve seen him walk to the dugout on a popup with a man on first before the ball was even caught. It’s almost like he doesn’t bother running if the only way he’ll reach is on an error.

          Jeter’s a champion by the strictest sense of the word, Posada’s been a decent catcher on a great team. It should be “Hip-Hip HiWAY” for Jorge, he’s been more than compensated for his performance.

  2. clean house AJ to the NL,he will do great there. this guy was lights out vs boston, thats why he came here.cervelli, gardner, swisher, posada, logan ,they are the core of a last place team..put the he is a good clubhouse guy in their suitcases and send that to other teams. these players are not major league material any more..all those #s and formulas are nice to see, but swisher is swisher and he is brutal, time for the yankee fans that like these guys because they are nice guys to say they really stink..carry all these guys we will be a third place team at best.. i was hoping after the first two game lost ,they would lose last night..hoping cashman makes some hugh abuse us again..and laughed at us while guys like arod jeter swisher smiled and joked..i think we as fans take these game more to heart than they do..those listed above are very very replaceable..a change is needed..and believe it i’m not saying girardi should be fired..he has an excuse.. these guys are brutal. this purge if i was calling the shots may wake some guys up..give a fresh face a shot..anyone can hit .220 and get 10mil. billy martin would never put up with this going ho humm.girardi looks like he wants to cry in the dugout..starting to look like torre the last few years. if this losing keeps up, CC will opt out but not play here, mark that down..he came for winning and a hugh pay day.with this team the yanks are in for years of frustration. posada needs to be on the team until jeter gets his 3000 hit..ok just don’t play him. then what will be in two weeks posada needs to be on the team when jeter marries his girl..then andy pettite may come back for old timers day. he needs be be here so andy is not alone. this is from a beat down yankee fanatic for 56 years. this worse than the days of horace clarke. we did not expect anything from those teams .they did not make 10s of mils..they only played hard everyday.for a day at the park

    • Win or lose, I hope CC does opt out. He can’t beat the RS. 20+M per year for a pitcher heading into hi declining years who can’t beat the team biggest rival? Let him walk, take the draft picks and move on.

      As for the team in general,it’s tough to beat good pitching when your offense is HR or bust.

  3. It’s become abundantly clear to me that the Red Sox are just the better squad. And this isn’t like in 2009 when they started 0 – 8 against the Sox. The Sox just has better quality players top to bottom. The yanks bullpen is absolutely embarrasing at this point minus Robertson and Mo. When your top hitter is hitting in the .270s, you’re going to have issues. Regarding the other posts talking about CC opting out, I happen to agree that it would be better for the team’s future if he opts out and we get picks.

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