Yankees suffer loss, but doing well with difficult schedule

For today, however, David Robertson and Boone Logan were able to complete the shutout for the Yankees, as the Bombers won 4-0. Curtis Granderson, Alex Rodriguez, and Mark Teixeira all hit solo home runs and Jorge Posada added an RBI double to round out the scoring. The win means the Yankees have taken the first two games of this four game series with Cleveland, begins a nice recovery from that Boston series, and keeps them on solid footing for the current part of their schedule.

Remember, we identified this as a very challenging string of games two weeks ago. The Yankees had to go out West for a 9 game stretch against a string of very good starting pitchers (even if they ultimately did miss Dan Haren), and then come home to face the Red Sox, Indians, and Rangers all in succession, all of whom are currently leading their respective divisions in the American League. After today’s victory, the Yankees record stands at 8-6 so far on the stretch, which two games left against Cleveland and then three against Texas. Leaving out the individual game results, I think we all would have signed up for an 8-6 run over the first 14 games of this stretch.

Of course, if I’d told you Colon was going to leave one of those games with an injury you probably would have gladly traded in one or two of those wins, because this is certainly a potential problem for the team. Yes, it’s only a strained hamstring, and a 15 day DL trip may only mean two or three starts missed, but let’s be honest, Colon ain’t necessarily in peak physical condition, and his body could definitely be harder to rehab. Obviously we’re all hoping and praying he’ll be back as soon as possible, but in the meantime this just adds to the problems facing a pitching staff that, quite frankly, is in tatters at the moment.

In the short run, I would imagine Hector Noesi will come back to the majors to fill Colon’s spot. And in the medium term, obviously everyone is hoping there are no more hitches in Phil Hughes‘ recovery and he can come back to be an effective starter for the Bombers. But even in the best case scenario, this injury really underscores once again that the Yankees need some real help in their rotation, even more than they need it in the bullpen. So if Colon does need to hit the disabled list, I would expect Brian Cashman to be working the phones hard to see if a deal can be made sooner rather than later. Personally, I’m really hoping the Cubs are willing to deal low on a trade that would send both Kerry Wood and Ryan Dempster to New York right about now.

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3 thoughts on “Yankees suffer loss, but doing well with difficult schedule

    • Rumor has it that K-Rod won't accept a trade to be a setup man unless he gets an extension. He has a vesting option that he'd lose out on if he was demoted from the closer's role.

  1. Ryan Dempster has never pitched in American Leagues before. Acquiring him reminds me of Kevin Brown, Javy Vazquez, Jaret Wright, Randy Johnson, Carl Pavano, Denny Neagle etc. Not worth taking a chance even if the market is lean