Game Thread: Rangers vs Yankees, 6/16/2011 (1:05PM EST on YES)

The Bombers look to continue to their offensive onslaught during today’s matinee matchup against the Texas Rangers. Since being swept by the Red Sox last week, the Yanks have gone 5-1 with the lone loss coming against the Tribe’s Carlos Carrasco. Some noteworthy storylines to keep in mind today are:

  • According to ESB, Mark Teixeira and Curtis Granderson joined two other legendary Yankee tandems (Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig in 1927, Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris in 1961) after each mashed 20 or more homeruns in just 66 games. Not to shabby boys!
  • Russell Martin, Robinson Cano, Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter each lead their respective positions in Allstar popularity voting. Mark Teixeira trails only Adrian Gonzalez while Curtis Granderson trails only Jose Bautista in their spots. Honorable mention has to go Jorge Posada, who is third in voting for DH. Hehe, don’t hate.
  • The team remains Derek Jeter-less (day three of his DL stint – recovering from a calve strain). Per Michael Kay on Nunez’s defense in contrast to Jeter’s, “Say what you want about Jeter. When the ball is hit to him, he’ll catch it. He may not make the play up the middle, but he will catch balls hit right to him.” Yep.
  • Cory Wade was signed to a big league deal and is officially a member of the Yankee bullpen. Who needs Rafael Soriano or Joba Chamberlain anyway, right? Right?
  • Brian Gordon will be making his pinstripe debut this afternoon. Hector Noesi will presumably head back to the bullpen. Meanwhile, Ivan Nova has probably earned himself another start or two. Meh. 
  • Pants Lendleton Lance Pendleton was demoted to make room on the roster.  We hardly knew ye…
  • Eduardo Núñez enjoyed his 24th birthday yesterday by hitting his second homerun of the season. Said Nunez, “I’m so happy. It’s my birthday and I hit a home run.” So much happiness…
  • Ramiro Peña also mashed his first homerun of the season last night. Said Pena, “I got a good pitch to hit and thank God, I got it. …It was a good day. When I hit it, I knew I hit that one good.” With that, Pena has officially earned the nickname, “The Dirty Peña.” You’ve heard it here first, folks.
  • After several days of lingering back pain, Martin has made his return to the lineup.  Nice!
  • Alex Rodriguez is not in the lineup today after DHing yesterday (status unknown).  Brett Gardner is also out of the lineup for the second consecutive game in favor of Andruw Jones.
  • And last but not probably least, the good news is whatever Cervelli has been lacking in offensive or defensive ability, he more than makes up in PAR (+4.4 Passion above Replacement). “You’ve got to play baseball,” Cervelli explained. “Home plate is my house. You’ve got to take everything.” *Fist Pump*

Here’s today’s open thread. Props go out to you if you’ve managed to find a way to follow the game despite that small inconvenience otherwise known as work. Have at it!

Today’s lineup:

1. Nick Swisher RF
2. Curtis Granderson CF
3. Mark Teixeira 1B
4. Robinson Cano 2B
5. Andruw Jones LF
6. Jorge Posada DH
7. Russell Martin C
8. Eduardo Nunez SS
9. Ramiro Pena 3B

And on the bump:

Brian Gordon RHP

105 thoughts on “Game Thread: Rangers vs Yankees, 6/16/2011 (1:05PM EST on YES)

  1. I guess the Yankees have no intention of retiring Roger Clemens’ number.

  2. It seems like the Yankees are running the bases horribly lately, but b-r has them middle of the pack in outs on base.

  3. Huge base running blunder by Swisher, you simply can’t give CJ Wilson outs like that.

  4. What is wrong with Cano? He just decided he didn’t want to get an out on that one? He should’ve had a fairly easy out at 2nd, to end the inning. He hasn’t looked as sharp on either side of the diamond this year as we are used to seeing.

  5. Come on Nunez! Just giving the game away at this point on defense.

    Torre is actually cheering for the Rangers… “now if we can just get the ball into the seats folks”.

  6. The Yankees are going to give Noesi every chance to take over the role that Robertson use to fill. If he stays strong out of the pen, and Robertson shows he can handle setting up, I doubt the Yankees trade for a right handed bull pen arm. They’ll be in the market for a cheap lefty, which will be hard to find, but I think option A from the right side is clearly Noesi.

    I actually think at some point soon we are going to see Greg Smith come up and try to be that second lefty. He was signed with Corey Wade. He was a starter with the A’s and Rockies, but his stuff is made for getting out lefties. He actually came out of the pen for Scranton the other night and worked a scoreless 1.2 IP.

  7. WOW! Beltre took a Craig Biggio on that one. Eduardo’s error came back to bite us on there!

    … and Torre ends his time in the booth with “let’s hit some home runs the rest of the game, have a good one”.

  8. Elvis Andrus has so much range! The fact that he almost got to that ball was impressive, but that could be because Jeter would staring at it from the SS hole.

  9. I am glad Gordon had a nice start for a fill-in – 2 ER in 5 1/3 IP, Yanks are down only 2-1 – but can the Yankee bats wake up? Throw away another decent or better start why don’t they? It really is feast or famine with this team.

    Get the lead out Yankee offense! If they lose X to 1 today, 2-2 in the last 4 games is fucking dogshit when you’ve scored 26 runs (5.5 runs a game) in those games!!! You should be 3-1 if not 4-0.

    This team is pissing away their chance to win the division and chancing missing the postseason by a game with every wasted quality start because how many games where they don’t get quality starts are they winning from hereonin?

  10. Gordon has earned himself another start in my eyes. That was honestly more than you ever could’ve hoped for, especially for someone who has never started before.

  11. Apparently the Rangers are accusing the Yankees (Andruw Jones) of stealing signs in the last 2 games.

  12. My man Jorge comes through. Now he just has to not get caught off base.

  13. Awful bottom of the ninth inning managing by Girardi.

    Martin gets on to lead off the ninth, Girardi gives Texas an out by bunting Nunez when he should’ve had A-Rod pinch-hit for Nunez (Pena moves to 3B for extra innings if necessary.) Instead Girardi takes the bat out of A-Rod’s hand by bringing him up to the plate with 1B open. Pena is a Major Leaguer now, which means he is capable of putting the ball in play.

  14. I would never pitch Andrus away. With his speed, and lack of pop, I would pound him up and in all day long. If you want to go away with breaking stuff after that for the put away, that’s the only time I’d pitch on the outside half.

  15. Beltre tried to pop it out, but just a little too much pop to it, a little overswing.

  16. Wow, great win. Being a day game I of course had to follow along via Gameday and sadly didn’t see any of it — although given the anguished reactions of many on Twitter to apparently botched baserunning plays, perhaps I was better off — but man, finishing the sweep off, especially of a team of Texas’ caliber, is freaking huge.

  17. Michael Kay just said the Yankees have been flawless in the field. He meant they have no errors, but I don’t think he chose his words properly.

  18. Find a sweet one, Jorgie!

    oh, should have put a wammy on the 3-1 fastball in. shucks!

  19. Anyone else want to see Granderson up with the bases loaded and one out?

  20. With all this discussion of offense we have yet to give Cory Wade his props for an excellent young career as a Yankee. Comes into a tough spot and gives 2 solid innings.

  21. It looked to me in the overhead slomo shot that the pitch hit the back of Cano’s hand. Anyway, it’s covered by payback for Beltre’s intentional elbow hit.

    What a rally: a jam shot, a maybe-hit batsman, and another jam shot.

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