Yankees complete sweep, strong performance with tough schedule

Yes, they were swept by the Red Sox in particularly ugly fashion last week, but in a way, that just makes the past few weeks look even more impressive. In those games against teams other than Boston, the Yankees went 12-4, good for a .750 winning percentage. That’s a tremendous run considering the teams and pitchers they faced, and the fact that nine of those games were played on the West Coast. And yes, the A’s and Indians are in tailspins at the moment, but it’s still an impressive feat to have taken six of seven games from those two teams.

Of course, not everything has come up roses for the Yankees. They lost Joba Chamberlain for the season to a torn ligament in his elbow, Derek Jeter for a couple of weeks to a strained calf, and Bartolo Colon for Mo knows how long to a hamstring injury, but none of that slowed the Yankees down over the past three games as they outscored the defending American League champions and current A.L. West division leader by a combined  27-11 margin.

Now the Bombers will embark on the bulk of their interleague schedule, traveling to Chicago and Cincinnati before coming home to face the Rockies and Brewers to finsih out the month of June. There’s certainly some quality teams in there, and it’s hard to say you ever have a prolonged stretch of easy games, but the next last 12 games of the month of June certainly look much easier on paper than the first 14 did.

The fact of the matter is that, no matter how they fared against the Red Sox or how well Boston is playing right now, the Yankees just completed a stretch of the schedule that we all thought could be a major hurdle before it started, and they’ve come out on the other side with a very good overall record over the past three weeks. That’s a huge victory for this team in the grand scheme of things, and you should be feeling pretty good about baseball today if you’re a Yankee fan.

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6 thoughts on “Yankees complete sweep, strong performance with tough schedule

  1. I loved winning the last game, but the bunting almost made me send the pet parakeet to peck out the YES announcers' eyes…

      • There was one in particular with late in the game, man on 1st and Nunez bunting where they kept saying "And now the move is obviously to have Nunez bunt him over…" Martin moves pretty well and Nunez is *fast* and swinging not bad lately… why give up the out? I think there was one in one of the extra innings which led to the ARod IBB?

        I dunno, all of the late inning bunting really just got to me, especially with the announcers…

        • I didn't see the early part of the game, but the only bunt late was the one you are talking about (9th inning). If you are ever going to bunt in an AL park, it would have to be in the 9th or later, playing for the winning run. It led to bases loaded and 1 out for Granderson and 2 outs for Tex. Seems pretty nit-picky to get upset about that one. Actually, maybe Granderson should have bunted for the squeeze.

        • Really? Even I didn't have a problem with that. It was the winning run and Nunez/Pena aren't great hitters by any means. Yeah it wound up with A-Rod getting intentionally walked, but that wasn't so bad given the circumstances.

          I probably wouldn't have approved of that if they were down a run, but with a tie game in the bottom of the 9th I think the bunt was a fine decision.

  2. For sure – bunt was great, pinch-hitting A-Rod was a good move. Only bad part was failing to get a run across and end the game in 9 after loading the bases. Sad that we stranded a baker's dozen – good win, but the game could have been over a lot sooner.

    Then again, it could also have been over sooner, but with the Yankees on the losing end. As you say, a great stretch – had we won a single game from the Sox, I think everyone would be doing cartwheels in Times Square.