Gardner sits again against lefties

I do understand Girardi’s comments that he’s trying to get Andruw Jones at-bats. But until Gardner starts playing regularly against lefties, it makes me raise an eyebrow. Jones has been much better against lefties than righties, and has a 120 wRC+ against them compared to Gardner’s 111 wRC+ against southpaws. It’s better, but it’s not so much better than Gardner, especially considering defense and baserunning, that Jones has made the choice obvious. The Yankees didn’t platoon Granderson against lefties last year, when he legitimately struggled terribly against lefties for most of the season. Derek Jeter’s numbers against righties are pretty hideous, but I don’t think the Yankees would imagine platooning him.

In the end, we have to hope that what Girardi says is true – that he does trust Gardner against lefty pitchers, and he’s just trying to get Jones going. I thought the Jones signing was a good one – he gave the Yankees insurance in case both Granderson and Gardner struggled badly against lefties and unlike Marcus Thames in 2010 he could actually play the field – but I hope it isn’t costing one of the more valuable players on the team playing time because of an unnecessary platoon situation.

7 thoughts on “Gardner sits again against lefties

  1. Joe Girardi's head is as hard as granite and nothing can work inside of granite. Why would you play Jones in left field when in the last game Jones started, he struck out 3 times and couldn't get to a ball near the foul line that cost us a run? Then Gardner came in for two hits and saved our game. Gardner is leading the Yankees in batting average and Jones is hitting .208. Has Girardi got hold of Torre's green tea and asleep? Hope Girardi doesn't cost us another game. Wish we had a thinking Manager like Bobby Valentine!

  2. Joe's having a terrible year. His one redeeming aspect is that he's figured out the bullpen in the last month or so. I think he's soft on the players, something I never expected to think about Girardi given his reputation when he managed the Marlins. But he seems afraid to drop Jeter in the lineup, and I have to think he's not addressed Cano about his lazy defense this year. He trots out a catcher who seems to find a way to hurt the team every time he plays (Cervelli) after abusing Martin early in the season (a catcher who is in a comeback year from an injury, by the way). This platoon situation is just another bad decision that he can't seem to break away from. This team has done well in spite of Joe Girardi this year.

  3. Did you just see the play? Andruw Jones hits ball to third baseman, ball thrown to second baseman for out, Russell Martin takes out the second baseman, second baseman recovers and throws out Andruw Jones, who was walking to first base, by 15 feet. Andruw Jones makes the All Girardi Team!

    • It's ridiculous… Girardi should have yanked him right there. (he clearly forgot the # of outs as he stopped when he saw the out at 2nd).

      Once again Girardi is perfectly content to just let this crap go…. Cano has pulled this garbage multiple times and he doesn't do a damn thing about it.

      And he needs to stop giving away outs… he thinks he's managing the 1970's Cardinals with his style of play and doesn't realize he has for the large part a slow, and not very intelligent team on the bases. He's got Nova bunting with 2 strikes despite seeing him in his normal batting stance with his arm stretched out looking like he might fall over…. when he the ball actually get's there the bat is pointing toward the dirt and he has absolutely ZERO chance of bunting a ball in play…he'd be better off giving him the take sign the entire AB then asking him to bunt (plus it looked like he could actually swing in hs first AB… at leats take the bunt off with 2 strikes). And he apparently has given Nunez the greenlight to steal despite having Swisher up with 1 out (and he's killing righties) and the heart of the order after that. Nunez of course gets picked off, turning it into an easy innning for a pitcher who's struggling and has his pitch count way up.

    • Even as a Red Sox fan, I cringed seeing that. I loved how he faked a foot injury afterwards. The acting (and effort) was on par with something you'd see in porn.

  4. Gardner is finally starting to prove himself as a full time player and he still gets sat against a lefty who isnt even a top of the rotation kinda pitcher. I can see where Jones needs at bats because he is the kinda guy who could be handy as a late game situational hitter come october but it shouldn't be at the expense of Gardner playing. Joe should get Jones some at bats at DH, give Martin a day off now and then and start Posada at catcher, once we get back to playing AL teams.